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    2022 Electronica 展会新闻稿 November 15-18, Munich, Germany – Booth A3-459 11月15日至18日,德国慕尼黑-展位A3-459


    Seica is where customers look for leading-edge solutions and at Electronica 2022 Booth A3-459 they
    will be highlighting innovative solutions aimed at providing facilitated, sustainable and, at the same time,
    powerful “Testability to Designers”.




    “Design for testability” is a well-known concept in the world of electronic board design, and it is one of the many requirements that design engineers have to deal with every day. Another aspect of their daily work is design validation and, in particular, testing prototypes, all within the time to market restrictions imposed by today’s accelerated product lifecycle: from concept, to design, to prototype, to production, to legacy repair.

    。他们日常工作的另一个方面是设计验证,特别是测试原型,所有这些都是在如今产品生命周期加速所带来 的市场限制的时间内进行的:从概念到设计,到原型,再到生产,再到遗留问题修复。

    Seica’s Pilot VX has an extensive suite of measurement hardware and software tools to enable the test
    and validation of prototypes quickly and with minimum effort. Testing low volumes is certainly the first thing that comes to mind when a flying prober is mentioned, even though the latest generation, which the Pilot VX represents, is now key in many high-volume production environments due to dramatic improvements in speed and performance. But Seica has added many capabilities and tools that specifically address the needs of designers when testing prototypes.

    Seica的Pilot VX拥有一套广泛的测量硬件和软件工具,能够以最小的工作量快速测试和验证原型。当提到飞 针测试仪时,首先想到的肯定是小批量测试,尽管Pilot VX所代表的最新一代测试仪由于速度和性能的显著提 高,已成为许多大批量生产环境中的关键。但Seica增加了许多功能和工具,专门解决设计师在测试原型时的 需求。

    Having physical access to the circuit is a basic requirement for applying stimuli to a circuit and measuring
    the results. With the ability to probe even 20µm pads The PILOT VX enables precise physical access to
    even very small targets, and the powerful Flylab software allows you to “interact” with your electronic
    board as if you had eight probes in your hand and a table of instruments available and ready to be used to perform validation testing, without requiring specific training on the tester or generating a test program. Contact points can be selected manually using the integrated cameras and clicking on the graphical board image, then the simple and intuitive software interface enables the performance of parametric and functional measurements by simply selecting the type of measurement and entering the value. The system automatically positions the mobile probes and the measurement result appears on the integrated oscilloscope. Moreover, the PR boost feature provides the capability to power the board (up to 2A per probe) with all of the 8 standard electrical probes, to enable the test of active circuits and other functional tests which are an essential part of the design validation process. The Thermal Scan option is another useful validation tool, allowing the user to acquire a profile of the powered up board to check the thermal behavior of the various sections of the circuit.

    对电路施加激励并测量结果是对电路物理访问的基本要求。PILOT VX能够探测20µm焊盘,即使是非常小的
    可用的仪器表,可以随时用于执行验证测试一样,无需对测试人员进行专门培训或生成测试程序。可以使用 集成摄像头并点击图形板图像手动选择接触点,然后简单直观的软件界面通过简单选择测量类型并输入值来 实现参数和功能测量。系统自动定位移动探针,测量结果显示在集成示波器上。此外,飞针上电测试功能还 提供了为电路板(每个探针最多2A个)提供所有8个标准电子探针的能力,以实现有源电路测试和其他功能 测试,这些测试是设计验证过程的重要组成部分。红外热扫描配件是另一个有用的验证工具,允许用户获取 通电板的配置文件,以检查电路各个部分的热行为。

    Of course SEICA’s VIVA software platform also includes a fast, streamlined process to automatically
    generate and debug a complete test program starting from the board CAD data, enabling the immediate
    test of the prototype board to detect any manufacturing errors. Functional tests can be created easily, on
    the fly, with the powerful QuickTest software, with only the knowledge of the circuit to be tested (and not
    necessarily the tester or programming language). The FlyPod option extends testing capability even more
    by specializing a single mobile probe to carry up to 10 channels, enabling access to boundary scan circuits and adding onboard programming capability without any external FIXED cables.

    软件轻松创建,只需了解待测电路(不一定是测试仪或编程语言)。移动连接器配件通过专用的单个移动探 针来携带多达10个通道,可以访问边界扫描电路,并在无需任何外部固定电缆的情况下增加在板编程功能,从而进一步扩展了测试能力。

    Designers often have to implement the original functional test spec, and Seica’s MINI Line of test solutions provide a wide range of integrated instruments, switching matrices and user power supplies, making it a very useful and cost-effective platform to develop your customized test benchmark. The user has broad discretion in the choice of configuration and programming languages: Seica’s VIVA Integrated Platform (VIP™) allows easy integration of off-the shelf instrumentation, and test sequences can be developed using the VIVA Test Studio environment, or a wide range of third-party software including LabView©, TestStand©, C, and Python. Unlike self-manufactured “rack and stack” test beds, Seica’s MINI test solution, with its standard “core” VIP™ including complete User documentation and a self-diagnostic
    program, guarantees its sustainability and maintainability over time and in the case of resource turnover.
    Plus the programs developed on the MINI are completely transportable to other SEICA systems which
    makes for fast and easy setup of the manufacturing test process.

    设计师通常必须实施最初的功能测试规范,而Seica的 MINI Line测试解决方案提供了广泛的集成仪器、开关 矩阵和用户电源,使其成为开发定制测试基准的一个非常有用且具有成本效益的平台。用户可以自由选择配 置和编程语言:Seica的VIVA集成平台(VIP™) 能够轻松集成现成的仪器,可以使用VIVA Test Studio环境 或广泛的第三方软件(包括LabView©、TestStand©、C和Python)开发测试序列。与自制的“机架堆叠式” 测试台不同,Seica的MINI测试解决方案具有标准的“核心”VIP™ 包括完整的用户文档和自我诊断程序,确 保其随时间和资源周转的可持续性和可维护性。此外,在MINI上开发的程序完全可移植到其他SEICA系统,这有助于快速轻松地设置制造测试过程。

    The PILOT and MINI test solutions (like all SEICA systems) include the features and performances to
    support full traceability of the test results of each single board, making them available for subsequent repair operations, statistical analysis, etc., storing them locally via the resident repair station software module, or on external information systems. The Pilot VX adds even more information, since it includes the capability to collect and store the data regarding the mechanical pressure applied by the test probes on every point on the board under test, making it available for visual, graphical and statistical analysis.

    。Pilot VX添加了更多信息,因为它包括收集和存储测试探针在测试板上每个点上施加的机械压力数据的能力,使其可用于可视化、图形化和统计分析。

    The acquisition and digitalization of additional data coming from machines is part of Canavisia’s Industry
    4.0 solution, and visitors to SEICA’s booth will see the Dashboard and APP provide a real-time view of the
    connected resources as well as statistical reporting.


    Come and visit Booth A3-459 to see SEICA’S wide range of leading-edge solutions, developed to
    help you validate your prototypes, with minimum effort and maximum return of traceable data – fast.

    来参观A3-459展位,看看SEICA为帮助您验证原型而开发的各种前沿解决方案,尽可能减少工作量,最大限 度地快速返回可跟踪数据。