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    3D-Micromac presents enabling dicing technology at Semicon West 2017


    3D-Micromac AG will present its microDICE laser dicing system and further innovative solutions for processing of semiconductors at Semicon West 2017

    3D-Micromac, the leading specialist for laser micromachining, will present its high-performance microDICE laser dicing system which brings TLS-Dicing-Technology (Thermal-Laser-Separation) to semiconductor‘s back-end. The microDICE separates wafer into dies with minimal cost per wafer, an outstanding edge quality while increasing the yield and the throughput. Reasoned by the outstanding advantages in terms of cost, throughput und quality microDICE is the first choice to separate SiC wafer.

    TLS-Dicing uses thermal induced stress, to separate brittle material in one pass. The cleaving-process doesn’t ablate or melt any material – no particles are generated. TLS-Dicing separates back side metal very smooth and without delamination. Furthermore, TLS-Dicing reduces dicing costs per wafer significantly.

    The microDICE™ laser micromachining system from 3D-Micromac supports volume production of high-power diodes.

    About 3D-Micromac AG

    Founded in 2002, 3D-Micromac AG is the industry leader in laser micromachining, delivering powerful, user-friendly and leading edge processes with superior production efficiency. The company develops processes, machines and turnkey solutions at the highest technical and technological level. 3D-Micromac systems and services have been successfully implemented in various high-tech industries worldwide including photovoltaic, semiconductor, glass and display industries, micro diagnostics, and medical technology.

    Company Contact:

    Mandy Gebhardt
    Manager, Marketing and Public Relations
    3D-Micromac AG
    Tel: +49 371 40043-26
    E-mail: gebhardt@3d-micromac.com

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