The 4MP KAE-04471 uses larger 7.4μm pixels than those found in existing IT-EMCCD devices, doubling the light gathering capability of the new device and improving image quality under light starved conditions, according to the company. The KAE-04471 is pin and package compatible with the existing 8MP KAE-08151, allowing camera manufacturers to easily leverage existing camera designs to support the new device.

Also included in the product line-up is the KAE-02152, which shares the same 1080p resolution and 2/3in optical format as the existing KAE-02150, but incorporates an enhanced pixel design that increases sensitivity in near-infrared (NIR) wavelengths, which can be critical in applications such as surveillance, microscopy and ophthalmology. The KAE-02152 is fully drop-in compatible with the existing KAE-02150, and both devices are available in packages that incorporate an integrated thermoelectric cooler, simplifying the work required by camera manufacturers to develop a cooled camera design, according to On.

Interline Transfer EMCCD devices combine two established imaging technologies with a unique output structure to enable a new class of low-noise, high-dynamic range imaging. While Interline Transfer CCDs provide excellent image quality and uniformity with a highly efficient electronic shutter, it is not always ideal for very low-light imaging. And while EMCCD image sensors excel under low-light conditions, they historically have only been available as low resolution devices with limited dynamic range. Combining these technologies allows the low-noise architecture of EMCCD to be extended to multi-megapixel resolutions, and an output design allows both standard CCD (normal-gain) and EMCCD (high-gain) outputs to be utilised for a single image capture.

Engineering grade versions of the KAE-04471 are now available, with production versions available in 2Q17. Engineering grade versions of the KAE-02152 in both a standard package as well as a package incorporating an integrated thermoelectric cooler are also available, with production versions of both configurations available in 3Q17. All IT-EMCCD devices ship in ceramic micro-PGA packages, and are available in both monochrome and bayer colour configurations.