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    5 Tips to Reduce PCB Assembly Cost


    Good PCB project engineers are always looking for ways to cut PCB assembly cost and keep it on budget. But most people are always just on the way to find cheapest suppliers. Actually its more effective to find a balance between assembly quality, customer service, and cost.  Below are 5 tips to reduce PCB assembly cost with the insurance of high quality.

    1. To get low cost, Optimize the bare PCB schematic design

    When you’re trying to launch your idea into the world, the first step is to check whether your circuit can be normally implemented. To reduce assembly cost, you could use DFM checking service. A lot of pcb assembly supplier provide this service. About the bare pcb, below are some tips to reduce cost when do design:

    PCB Size and shape: try to design standard shapes such as a square or rectangle lead to lower prices. Special shapes are typically more expensive.

    PCB layers: Try to reduce the layer count, you see more layers are added, the greater the expense.

    PCB via holes issue: More vias comes higher costs and smaller diameters, and thus more expensive PCBs. Therefore, you should carefully arrange the number of vias to reduce the cost of bare PCBs while guaranteeing sufficient functions.

    Surface finish: To prevent board pads from oxidizing, choose the surface finish type that best fits your products. Different types of surface finishes (HASL, OSP, ENIG, ENEPIG, etc.) have their advantages and disadvantages

    2. Prepare an effective and complete BOM.

    A complete BOM should include part number, manufacturer name, reference designer, quantity, description, case/package, SMT method, top/bottom, points/footprint, and BOM level.Also, It’s highly recommended to add components replacement in your BOM.

    3. Confirm PCB order Qty and Lead time.

    You see the higher your order volume becomes, the less expensive it will be for each circuit board assembly (the same goes for PCB manufacturing service). So pls note to consider your projects, if your company has mass production, then you could ask pcb assembly supplier to offer sample to approved first. It will save your sample cost. Then if sample approved, this cost could be reduced at your mass production order. Take your company or organization’s situation into consideration, and know your order volumes (high, medium, or low), then select a PCB assembly manufacturer that can cater to your order volume.

    About your pcb assembly lead time, the basic rule on lead time is the longer your lead time, the lower the price.

    4. Looking for PCB  assembly supplier to ensure getting  a reliable, professional, and “low-cost” service

    Almost all PCB assembly service providers promise to offer cost-effective service, but not all offer what they claim. So you could find a manufacturer who ever have done business with them. Such as rayming technology, a reliable supplier. When researching PCB assemblers, pls note to check below tips:

    Certificates: Certificates accurately ensure a PCB assembler’s manufacturing capabilities and management regulations they follow. PCB manufacturer certifications include ISO9001, RoHS, UL, etc. Before ordering, you could ask to check this files to ensure they are good supplier.

    Equipment: Good and high Tech machines will guarantee your PCBA good quality. At least you could confirm whether they are big factory to support your projects.

    Turn-key service or at least components purchase: Based on raypcb.com years of experience in PCB industry, we noticed too often money and time are lost in the manufacture stage of PCBs due to the disjointed relationships between phases of the process. To save money and time, we highly recommend you cooperate with RayMing PCB assemblers that offer a components sourcing service. As a result, you can fully focus on project engineering.

    5. Never Ignore inspection or test.

    Bare pcb E-test will help you avoid circuit open and short.For PCBA, AOI and X-RAY will ensure components good assembled. Both of them will save your time and money to avoid all this process will arranged again.

    For PCBA projects, if you have test method, its much better to offer it to supplier. Require them to do pcba test before shipment, it will confirm all boards good working, and save your possible repair cost.

    Finally, hope you could find a best suitable PCB assembly supplier to make your design successfully.

    If you wanna more infos, you could email 10 Years PCB assembly supplier RayMing Technology: [email protected], Skype: raypcb09

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