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    Abracon acquires Proant AB and Proant Asia Limited


    Passive component specialist Abracon, announces that it has acquired Proant AB and Proant Asia Limited, privately held antenna suppliers headquartered in Umeå, Sweden and Hong Kong, respectively.

    The combined companies will form Abracon’s new ProAnt brand. Abracon says it will retain facilities in both Sweden and Hong Kong.

    “The addition of Proant is Abracon’s first acquisition in the antenna space and is an important strategic building block in Abracon’s overall antenna products strategy,” says Mike Calabria, Abracon’s president and CEO in a press release. “Proant’s technical expertise combined with its patented technology will accelerate Abracon’s position in the antenna market. Abracon’s global footprint combined with its industry-leading distribution network will bring Proant’s technology to customers across the globe.”

    Abracon will integrate Proant’s antenna product portfolio ranging from 150 MHz up to 8 GHz with a focus on wireless M2M and IoT applications. The integration will provide customers with continued support through development services, including feasibility studies, antenna simulations, active antenna measurements, rapid prototyping, and matching network design.

    “Proant’s success with antennas is attributed to providing cost-effective and robust connectivity to our customers,” adds Tomas Rutfors, CEO and founder of Proant AB and Proant Asia Limited. “Now, by joining forces with Abracon, we increase our geographic footprint through Abracon’s excellent global sales channels. Together with the Abracon antenna team, Proant will continue to develop and supply antenna solutions supporting market needs.”

    Source: evertiq.com