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    Advanced Quality Control from Viscom at NEPCON Asia 2023 in Shenzhen

    Viscom_Pictures_System_iX7059_PCB_archviz_right_96dpi_RGB (2)

    Printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) and integrated circuits (ICs) are the focus of NEPCON Asia, which will be held October 11-13, 2023, in Shenzhen, China’s southern hub of electronics innovation. Germany’s Viscom AG will be represented by a select Asian team and four of its many advanced inspection systems: S3088 ultra chrome for 3D SPI, S3088 ultra chrome as a 3D AOI configuration, iX7059 PCB Inspection XL from Viscom’s large 3D AXI portfolio, and the X8011-III 3D MXI system.

    Viscom inspection systems can be integrated into location-independent, networked processes and provide new quality-relevant insights through the use of artificial intelligence and a variety of customized algorithms. All of this can be explored in detail at the Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (Baoan New Hall) at the Viscom booth No. 5D20. Solder paste inspection with an orthogonal optical resolution of 10 μm/pixel and a height resolution of 0.1 µm/pixel is combined with four angular views to deliver perfect, shadow-free inspection results. Automatic post-reflow optical inspection with the S3088 ultra chrome system even offers nine perspectives, true-to-life spatial renderings, and exceptionally high throughput in large production areas.

    For inline X-ray, customers can choose from a well-designed Viscom product family, depending on their individual inspection needs. Whether for PCBAs with a length of up to 1600 mm or heavy assembled objects weighing up to 40 kg – the iX7059 series offers suitable configurations. For special tasks such as the inspection of IGBT modules with their ICs for power electronics applications, a 180 kV X-ray tube is available as a component. Different layers of the inspection object can be analyzed with highest precision.

    Where speed is far less important than particularly brilliant resolution of X- ray results, the 3D-MXI Viscom System X8011-III comes into play. The thorough analysis of prototypes, the inspection of product complaints or the quality control of small batches are three of many examples of intelligent and effective use of its technological capabilities. Automatic reports and networked comparisons of the X8011-III’s X-ray images with inline results from other machines round out this special offering.