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    Anti-foam agents for safe processes during the removal of flux residues in electronics manufacturing

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    In addition to a broad portfolio of cleaning agents for various applications in electronics manufacturing,
    Emil Otto GmbH now also offers two anti-foaming agents. These can be used in machine-based cleaning
    to prevent uncontrolled foam development.

    Etimol defoamers are effective anti-foaming agents for eliminating foam formation in aqueous cleaning
    media. They have proven to be particularly effective for use in automated cleaning where water-soluble
    flux residues can cause excessive foaming. This heavy foaming can cause valves within the cleaning system
    to become clogged and pumps to stop working and fail. The anti-foaming agents developed by Emil Otto
    are environmentally friendly and non-flammable and are therefore, like the other Etimol cleaning
    products, no dangerous goods.
    At SMTconnect 2022, Emil Otto will present the two defoamers to the trade public for the first time. The
    ready-to-use Etimol defoamer DFL-100, for example, has been specially developed for the EO cleaners as
    well as the Etimol cleaning media to prevent foam formation during spraying and rinsing or to break up
    foam that has already formed. This extends the process window and compensates for the reduced
    cleaning performance due to process-related contamination. Furthermore, with Etimol Defoamer DFL-C, a
    concentrate was developed that also reduces and inhibits foam formation during foaming of the cleaning
    bath. This concentrate was also developed for the EO cleaners, especially for the ETIMOL cleaning media.
    The high-performance concentrate is very effective even in very small quantities.
    You can find more information online or visit us at our booth at SMTconnect – hall 4, booth 335.