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    Asia Pacific Hermetic Packaging Market: Top trends driving the industry demand through 2027


    According to a recent study from market research firm Graphical Research, the Asia Pacific Hermetic Packaging Market size is projected to reach a valuation US$ 1.8 Bn by 2027.

    With continued adoption across the aerospace, defense, and power electronics industries Asia Pacific hermetic packaging market has received commendable growth over the past decade. The packaging creates an airtight environment by utilizing inorganic substrates such as different metals, ceramics, or glass to separate crucial microelectronics from their surroundings.

    Thanks to these product qualities, hermetic packaging methods have become popular in the medical business recently. In medical implants, for instance, they provide greater dependability and assure electronic operation in pacemakers, defibrillators, neuromodulators, and hearing equipment. The three influential market trends are mentioned below:

    Sustainability drives new solutions in packaging

    As consumers strive towards zero-waste lifestyles and gain more insight on the environmental effect of their purchases, businesses have started to re-aim their processes towards sustainability. Take a look at this example of Tata Consumer products. Recently, with increased worries about packaging waste, the company took a step toward transiting its brand ‘Tetley Tea’ to sustainable packaging.

    To that end, they teamed with UFlex to deliver their green tea bags in paper-based packaging. UFlex created a recyclable package structure comprised of paper and aluminum foil with a registered hot stamping feature that supports high gloss coatings. For food packaging applications, the business has created high-barrier metalized recyclable Bopp film ‘B-TUH-M.’ According to the manufacturer, the film has high optics, printability, and constant slip and anti-static qualities. The structure of the high barrier layer imparts hermetic seal strength.

    Top hermetic packaging companies in Asia Pacific include SCHOTT AG, AMTEK, Inc., Amkor Technology, KYOCERA Corporation, Teledyne Technology, Winchester Interconnect, and Renesas Electronic Corporation. With product innovation as a key strategy for customer retention, these companies are focused on user experience, brand needs, and commitment towards the environment.

    Growing user-base for ceramic-metal sealing

    Due to its high mechanical strength and thermal resistance, APAC hermetic packaging industry share
    from the ceramic-metal sealing segment is expected to grow significantly through 2027. The sealings are
    widely used across the end-user industries such as automotive, aerospace, and defense. In the
    aerospace and defense industry, for example, hermetic connections, hermetically sealed terminals, and
    hermetically sealed headers are employed to serve various purposes. Hermetic connections, for

    instance, are used to guarantee the integrity of fragile electronics contained within a black box until the
    contents of the box are required.

    Applications of glass-metal sealing in the cosmetics industry

    Because of its strong insulating capabilities, Asia Pacific hermetic packaging industry share from the
    glass-metal sealing segment is likely to account for over $770 million through 2027. This sort of
    packaging can endure high temperatures and extreme conditions, making it one of the most sought-
    after hermetic packaging solutions.

    One of the thriving industries utilizing glass in their product packaging is the cosmetics industry. A major
    concern faced by beauty & cosmetics companies is maintaining the texture and quality of their products
    through packaging. In response to these concerns, Selig recently introduced the DELTASEALTM 9000
    which has the revolutionary GlassFuzeTM heat seal to the market.

    The new EU-compliant sealing layer creates a hermetic seal to glass and is completely resistant to oil and
    emulsions used in the cosmetics sector. With its capacity to operate on various glass treatments and
    glass containers of any shape or size, the product offers whole new possibilities for producers in the
    beauty industry.

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