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    AT&S opens its first plant in Malaysia

    AT_S Malaysia

    AT&S will officially open its first plant in Kulim, Malaysia, on 24 January 2024 and expects numerous guests from the world of politics and business on this occasion. The new AT&S plant in Kulim will produce IC substrates for the next generation of microchips for high-performance computing, data centres and AI applications of leading manufacturers such as AMD.

    AI will boost the market

    As also shown by the current discussions, AI will revolutionise every area of society; AI will play a role in most digital applications in society. And all of these applications will generate enormous amounts of data, which need to be processed by high-performance microprocessors. “It is exactly this global megatrend that plays into the strategy of AT&S because we will primarily grow in the high-performance computing segment. This is why we have been expanding massively for many years and have pursued investment projects like our campus in Malaysia,” says AT&S CEO Andreas Gerstenmayer. “We are proud to have built what is probably the world’s most modern IC substrate plant in such a short period of time and in spite of all challenges, for example the COVID pandemic, and that we are able to provide the required technologies and capacities in time once the markets have recovered.”

    Markets to recover from mid-2024

    Current data of many market analysts also corroborate AT&S’s internal forecast that the market environment should shift towards recovery and growth in mid-2024. “It is still our clear goal for AT&S to be positioned among the top 3 companies on the global market. Our mid-term guidance, i.e., revenue of 3.5 billion euros, remains intact“, says CEO Gerstenmayer,