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    Beifu Electronic adds Europlacer pick-and-place technology


    Beifu Electronic Technology Co., LTD, located in Shanghai. Over the past two years, Beifu Electronic has enhanced their production efficiency by investing in Europlacer’s Atom pick-and place-range.

    Faced with high demands for quick changeovers and flexibility, Beifu Electronic sought a solution that could meet their stringent requirements. The Atom pick-and-place technology from Europlacer proved to be the perfect match.

    The Atom range has boosted Beifu Electric’s production line, enabling the company to achieve faster turnaround times while maintaining quality standards. 

    “We are extremely proud of the results achieved by Beifu Electronic Technology Co,” says Michael Xing, General Manager for Private Business at Europlacer China, in a press release. “Their decision to integrate our Atom pick-and-place technology has clearly paid off, significantly improving their production efficiency. This success story exemplifies the impact of Europlacer’s innovative solutions on modern manufacturing.”