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    Bharat Electronics (BEL) receives Orders worth Rs. 5900 Crore

    bharat electronics

    Bharat Electronics Limited has received Orders worth Rs. 5900 Crore as of today in the financial year 2023-24.

    Akash Prime Weapon System (Rs. 3914 Crore)

    BEL received order for 2 Regiments of Improved Akash Weapon System (AWS) with upgrades from BDL for a value of Rs. 3914 Crore.

    Akash is an all-weather, point/area air-defence weapon system intended for defending vulnerable points/areas against threats emanating from low, medium and high altitudes. The system uses high mobility vehicles for mobile application.

    The improvements incorporated include high altitude operation, simultaneous engagement of multiple threats over 360 degrees, missiles fitted with RF Seeker and reduced foot print.

    Other Significant Orders valued at Rs. 1984 Crore.

    Other significant orders received inter-alia include orders for Shakti EW & Sanket MK III (Naval Systems), GBMES & GBVU Com Jammer systems, MKBT systems, IFF-MK-XII Crypto Modules & Up gradation of SDP & Display of Rohini Radar, Training system for CMS P15B & CAMC of CMS for P 28 etc.