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    Chennai to host national summit for electronics industry

    electronic 12


    Electronic Industries Association of India (ELCINA) the industry body representing electronic and IT manufacturers in association with the TN government is set to host the 12th ‘Source India Summit’ on February 13-14 at the Chennai Trade Centre.

    Source India is a B2B platform created by the electronics industry, and the national summit aims to address challenges of the electronic and semiconductor industry and empower ESDM (electronic system design and manufacturing) players.

    The two-day event will also discuss challenges of the electronic industry and major stakeholders

    “The Tamil Nadu government has taken a number of steps to accelerate the growth of the electronic hardware manufacturing industry. These initiatives aim to increase Tamil Nadu’s electronics industry output to $100 billion by 2025, to contribute 25% of India’s total electronic exports to the world by 2025, and to attract at least two major FAB investments of Tamilnadu in the next three years, ” Sanjay Agarwal, president of ELCINA & MD, Globe Capacitors, said, at the conference announcing the event.

    “Tamil Nadu has increased the level of value addition that is done in the state and provide an excellent opportunity for the investors to set up their manufacturing facilities here S Krishnan, IAS, Additional Chief Secretary (Industries)- Government of Tamil Nadu said, “

    More than 90% of the components used in Indian consumer electronics come from China, and India needs to become a key sourcing hub for components to take over this leadership from China, the speakers at the conference said.