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    DAQRI Partners with Flex for Production of Augmented Reality Headsets

    DAQRI Partners with Flex for Production of Augmented Reality Headsets

    Flex, the Sketch-to-Scale™ solutions provider that designs and builds Intelligent Products for a Connected World™, and DAQRI, the LA-based technology company and Augmented Reality (AR) platform pioneer, have entered into an agreement to manufacture DAQRI Augmented Reality headsets at the Flex facility in Cork, Ireland, beginning this summer.

    In addition to manufacturing DAQRI Smart Glasses™, Flex will manage logistics directly to the consumer and provide after-market services including repair and maintenance.

    Launched at CES 2017, DAQRI Smart Glasses are a powerful, lightweight and comfortable headset designed for use in multiple settings including medical, engineering, construction, and manufacturing.

    DAQRI Smart Glasses provide a visual computing medium which allows the wearers to see guided work instructions or, in remote expert mode, see and write on their co-worker’s field of view and give guidance. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, DAQRI Smart Glasses are supported by a high-performance 6th Generation Intel® Core™ M7 Processor and an Intel® RealSense™ Camera LR200.

    “The pace of growth across our Augmented Reality platform continues to accelerate,” said DAQRI founder and CEO Brian Mullins. “It’s now time for DAQRI to scale operations to meet our customer demand. By working with Flex, not only do we get access to a global system of production and logistics, but we get a true innovation partner as we build the future of Augmented Reality. That’s very powerful.”

    “Augmented Reality continues to gain momentum in both consumer and enterprise markets,” said Mike Dennison, president, Consumer Technologies Group at Flex. “We are excited to be partnering with DAQRI, a leader in AR innovation that is focused on delivering technologies that redefine what is humanly possible.”

    About Augmented Reality                                                                                            

    Augmented Reality is a technology that overlays a computer-generated image onto a user’s view of the real world, providing a composite view.

    Applications span maintenance and repair, gaming, navigation, advertising, e-commerce and construction. Rapid uptake is predicted in healthcare delivery, product design, and management-related use cases like training, according to research firm IDC[1].

    The augmented reality software market was valued at USD 2.13 billion in 2016 and is expected to reach USD 35.22 billion by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 57.36% during the forecast period, according to a new report by Markets and Research[2].

    About Flex

    Flex is the Sketch-to-Scale™ solutions provider that designs and builds Intelligent Products for a Connected World™. With approximately 200,000 professionals across 30 countries, Flex provides innovative design, engineering, manufacturing, real-time supply chain insight and logistics services to companies of all sizes in various industries and end-markets. For more information, visit flex.com or follow us on Twitter @flexintl. Flex – Live Smarter™

    About DAQRI

    DAQRI is the world’s leading augmented reality (AR) technology company. The cutting-edge DAQRI Visual Operating System™(Vos) powers an ecosystem of products, including DAQRI Smart Helmet®, DAQRI Smart Glasses™, and DAQRI Smart HUD™. DAQRI has revolutionized holography and AR with its proprietary Software Defined Light (SDL) technology. DAQRI was founded by Brian Mullins and is headquartered in Los Angeles. To learn more, please visit daqri.com.


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