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    Data cables for the smallest bend radii in moving applications


    New high-end chainflex series with alloy conductor and TPE outer jacket for radii of 4xd from igus.

    The new chainflex data cables CF298 and CF299 with TPE outer jacket for the smallest bend radii down to 4xd. (Source: igus GmbH)

    The latest generation of chainflex data cables with a new alloy conductor and a halogen-free TPE outer jacket is ideally suited for the smallest bend radii down to 4xd with cycle numbers of over 40 million strokes. The new high-performance conductor alloy from igus is the solution for highly dynamic, fast applications with small radii from 15 millimetres. The new chainflex series CF298 and CF299 are a unique cable series for extremely heavy duty at the smallest radii, and can be delivered from stock. 

    Dynamic applications with very small bend radii can quickly allow the copper cores of conventional cables to meet their mechanical stress limits. For confined spaces, igus has now introduced the new data cable series in the product range. The CF298 (unshielded) and the CF299 (shielded) have been tested intensively in the largest test lab in the industry with a floor space of 2,750 square metres, and have qualified for small bend radii down to 4xd in continuous motion. This enables igus to offer on the market the smallest bending factor for moving data cables in e-chains. This is made possible mainly by the combination of the new high-performance alloy conductor material and the highly flexible igus TPE outer jacket, which prevents cracks and breaks. The jacket material additionally offers the highest possible abrasion resistance in combination with energy chains from igus.

    For extremely heavy duty and tough environments

    The new generation of igus data cables is ideal for short, very quick movements, for example, in pick-and-place machines or other very fast handling applications. They are also suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications due to their resistance to UV, low temperature and oil. Since the cables are certified according to ISO Class 1, they can also be used in clean rooms. The new data cables are designed for up to 40 million double strokes in e-chains. As a result, igus guarantees a life of 36 months here too, as for all chainflex cables. The CF298 and CF299 are now available from stock with various number of cores and conductor nominal cross-sections.


    igus will be exhibiting at Propak Asia 2017 from 14 to 17 June at Bangkok (Booth BE38).