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    DisplayLink Awarded “International Trade Champion” by BUSINESS WEEKLY

    International Trade Champion

    DisplayLink®, the leading provider of USB graphics technology, today was named “International Trade Champion” at an awards ceremony hosted by BUSINESS WEEKLY in the United Kingdom. DisplayLink produces integrated circuits and software used by leading global computer brands, and recently demonstrated a new application of its technology for the emerging wireless VR market, showcasing reference designs at CES 2017 and Mobile World Congress.

    Helen Wang, CEO of BBD UK, hosted the International Trade Award won by DisplayLink. She said: “Selling to global customers such as Dell, HP and Lenovo, DisplayLink has grown over four-fold in the last five years, becoming highly profitable and continuing to invest substantially in R&D, making it one of the UK’s leading private semiconductor companies. Now employing over 170 people in the UK, Poland, Silicon Valley and Asia (of which over 70% are in technical roles), DisplayLink has built a broad patent portfolio as it pushes its core display technology into mobile devices, wireless displays and virtual reality headsets to sustain double digit revenue growth and continued profitability.”

    “It’s a great honor to receive the ‘International Trade Champion’ Award from BUSINESS WEEKLY. We have built this business over the last fifteen years with the ambition of succeeding in a global market, expanding from our origins in Cambridge towards Silicon Valley, Asia and Poland in order to serve a geographically diverse customer base,” said Graham O’Keeffe, Chairman and CEO DisplayLink. “Fostering creativity and striving for technical excellence has created a highly valuable core business addressing the demanding requirements of IT managers at Fortune 500 companies. We are now pushing into exciting new application areas such as wireless VR to drive continued international business growth.”

    For more information on DisplayLink and its products visit http://www.displaylink.com. Join us on Facebook, or see some of the new products and solutions on the DisplayLink YouTube Channel.

    About DisplayLink® – Plug and Display Solutions.

    DisplayLink® (www.displaylink.com) develops hardware and software solutions to enable easy connectivity between monitors and computing devices over standard interfaces such as USB, Ethernet, and wireless networks. DisplayLink’s technology increases productivity and ease-of-use in the multi-display workspace and is deployed to millions of users through globally branded PC products including universal docking stations, monitors, projectors and display adapters. For more information and product details, visit the DisplayLink Shop and follow DisplayLink on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter.

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