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    Doosan secures $392 mn in cumulative PFC orders

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    South Korea’s Doosan Corp. announced on Monday that it has accumulated 500 billion won ($392 million) in orders for its patterned flat cable (PFC), a key component used in electric vehicles (EV), with the figures taking into account the demand from Japanese, European, and North American markets.

    PFCs, which link the smallest unit of an EV battery known as the cell, are produced by applying an insulating film to a flexible copper clad laminate (FCCL), which already incorporates an electrical circuit.

    Doosan’s PFC not only incorporates critical components like a fuse for overcurrent management and a thermistor for detecting temperature changes but also includes an internal battery management system.

    PFCs are proving critical in the drive towards lighter, more efficient EVs. According to Doosan, compared to traditional wiring harnesses made from copper, PFCs reduce weight and volume by more than 80%, offering significant cost savings and helping to increase the driving range of EVs.

    “Our PFCs are the first to employ a roll-to-roll manufacturing process, allowing for the production of EV circuits up to three meters in length,” a company source said.

    The global research firm MarketandMarket forecasts that the global market size for PFC will balloon to approximately 8 trillion won ($6.6 billion) by 2026.

    To capitalize on this potential, Doosan Corp. has constructed a PFC production line in Hai Duong, Vietnam, and commenced mass production last year.

    The firm is also bolstering its efforts to more than double its production volume, improve yield rates, and slash costs to achieve ambitious sales targets of 50 billion won ($41 million) in 2024 and 100 billion won ($83 million) in 2025.