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    DuPont Launches Micromax ™ Brand for Microcircuit and Component Materials Products

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    Today DuPont announced the launch of a new brand, Micromax ™ , that will encompass the products formerly under the Microcircuit and Component Materials brand. Micromax ™ products are used in a wide variety of electronics applications—from automotive, passive components, and 5G communications to healthcare and consumer goods.

    “Micromax ™ aims to be the leading brand for electronic thick film inks, pastes, and ceramic tapes,” said Tim Chang, Micromax™ global business leader. “The new brand name won’t impact our offerings or how we work with customers. Our high-quality products, exceptional customer service, and broad-based expertise remain the same. It will simply be faster and easier to identify our offerings.”

    Micromax ™ organizes nearly 800 products under a single cohesive brand, simplifying how distributors and customers can identify and specify their preferred products.

    The changes include:

    • GreenTape ™ , which will now be known as Micromax ™ GreenTape ™
    • Heatel ™ , which becomes Micromax ™ Heatel ™
    • Intexar ™ which becomes Micromax ™ Intexar ™
    • Fodel ™ which becomes Micromax ™ Fodel ™

    Because they’re tailored in close partnership with clients, Micromax ™ products enable extremely customized solutions. With extensive knowledge of materials science and a breadth of electronics experience, the Micromax ™ team helps customers imagine what others don’t, test what others can’t, and deliver true innovation that can positively change markets and improve our world.