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    EB-350M-7 Lightning-Fast Curing, One Part Epoxy


    epoxySet offers the EB-350M-7, a one part, high strength epoxy that can be cured as fast as 1 minute @ 180°C. This high dielectric formulation can be used with intricate microelectronic components that require electrical insulation. It has a high glass transition temperature of 132°C and is rated for continuous use from -55°C to 220°C with intermittent use to 300°C. EB-350M-7 also exhibits high thermal conductivity making it an excellent bonding choice for any application requiring heat dissipation.

    Specifically designed to be anhydride free, EB-350M-7 has less potential for corrosion and better stability than anhydride systems. It has a one month working time at room temperature with a 6 month shelf life when stored at -20°C. The medium viscosity allows for easy dispensing. It can be supplied in various cartridge sizes (up to 20oz) as well as pints and quarts.

    This system is ideal for surface mount applications that require complete cure in one reflow cycle or rapid production operations where structural support is required.

    epoxySet is an innovative custom formulator of Epoxies, Urethanes, Silicones and Greases for the electronic, medical, semi-conductor, optics, automotive and aerospace industries. Our extensive experience allows us to quickly modify our extensive product line for any requirement.
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