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    Eiger Design GmbH announces Vigven Tech Mark Pvt Ltd. as authorised distributor for India

    Eiger Design GmbH announces Vigven Tech Mark Pvt Ltd. as authorised distributor for India
    Eiger Design GmbH, an established supplier of unique functional circuit test (FCT) solutions to the electronics test market, today announced Vigven Tech Mark Pvt. Ltd., an authorised distributor of electronic test equipment, as its key channel partner for demand creation and sales of the J-Testr product range in India.
    With their impressive portfolio of highly respected suppliers and products, Vigven has supported industrial measurement and test customers for many years and also has a range of energy optimisation solutions to help customers reduce energy bills and improve upon carbon footprint.
    Wayne Morgan, Business Development Manager at Eiger Design said “To grow our business globally Eiger Design needs strong channel partners with broad knowledge of the electronics production test arena and the ability to propose our customised solutions at a technical level.  So, we are delighted to have Vigven onboard to create demand for the J-Testr product range in India where we see huge potential for growth in the test and measurement arena”.
    Mr V. Mahadevan, Managing Director of Vigven Tech Mark said “We at Vigven are extremely pleased to work with Eiger Design as a chosen distributor for them in India.  I personally believe that with the addition of FCT to our portfolio from Eiger, Vigven will be able to help Customers lower the cost of test at all levels of production requirements”.
    Eiger Design’s J-Testr range offers a highly compact and easily portable test bench solution for FCT.  Recommended for both full scale production at EMS and initial “protected power-up” of prototype PCBAs, J-Testr provides added safety features that can’t be implemented with traditional modular test systems employing multiple interconnecting communications cables.
    Mr Mahadevan commented “The benefit of cost arbitrage linked with high quality customized solutions built from Standard off the Shelf items (COTS) will go a long way in enhancing profitability with faster and quicker nimble production line in comparison with in-house developed test solutions”.
    Mr Morgan stated “Eiger Design’s aim is to offer customers an integrated package with greater flexibility, portability and of course product safety in functional test. The J-Testr system makes this a reality. Our design team works closely with the customer and our channel partners to develop a fully optimized and cost efficient test solution. With their many years of experience, and an outstanding knowledge of the market, we are confident that Vigven is exactly the right partner to connect us with the potential customer base that would benefit from our quite unique test solution”.VigVen Tech Mark Pvt Ltd  is in the business of Sales, Marketing and Support of products and solutions, as distributor for several leading Technology companies from around the Globe. We add value in the form of need identification, consultative selling and configuring the right solutions with excellent support back up for the customers.
    The management team has long and rich experience in Test & Measurement & Energy Optimization Business and with HQ in Bangalore, VigVen has its presence in Hyderabad, Chennai, and Trivandrum.

    Eiger Design GmbH is dedicated to supporting engineers in their aim to safely and reliably bring products from prototype to full production with it’s highly compact ‘all-in-one’ Ethernet and / or JTAG controlled universal and modular functional test systems, J-Testr and J-Testr +.
    With Head Quarters in the Interlaken region of Switzerland, Eiger Design’s engineering team has developed a range of products which are designed to not only assist test and development engineers through the often stressful evaluation of new PCBAs but to easily port products, with confidence, into full production using one compact test solution.

    26 May 2017
    Electronics and Applications Expo, Utrecht (
    Booth C042)

    Eiger Design and our channel partner Logic Technologies will be exhibiting at Electronics & Applications 2017, (May 30 – June 1) in Jaarbeurs, Utrecht.

    This year’s event has over 130 companies exhibiting and/or speaking at the Conference so this will be an excellent opportunity for customers to meet with a broad range of suppliers to discuss current and future requirements in detail.
    André De Ceuninck, Product Manager at Logic Technology will also be presenting a short paper discussing “Safe Testing of Complex UUTs” (see item below) and we would be happy to meet with you at Booth C042 to expand upon how the J-Testr system can provide critical circuit protection at UUT power up whilst providing a complete FCT solution for both in-line production and initial prototype test stages.

    25 May 2017
    ​Eiger Design welcomes a new recruit to the team

    We’ve been rather busy at Eiger Design throughout 2017 and we forgot to announce the arrival of Wayne Morgan as our Business Development Manager.  Wayne joined Eiger Design in March and will be supporting our customers and channel partners to promote the unique J-Testr range of FCT solutions.

    With a Degree in Electronics and Instrumentation Systems Wayne has a long (longer than he would care to admit) background in OEM product development and more recently semiconductor technical sales having worked for leading global component distributors and latterly, Fairchild Semiconductor.

    Please feel free to contact Wayne (wayne.morgan@eigerdesign.com) with any requirements or queries regarding how Eiger Design’s product range can provide added safety and assurance to your PCBA testing or if your company would be interested in representing Eiger Design as a channel partner.

    6 April 2017
    Logic Technology present “Safe Testing of Complex UUTs”. 

    We are pleased to announce that our distribution partner Logic Technology will present a short seminar discussing “Safe Testing of Complex UUTs in conjunction with Eiger Design’s universal functional test solution, J-Testr” at the Electronics and Applications expo in Utrecht on Wednesday 31st May @ 11:30.

    This seminar will consider how the complexity of modern PCBAs can introduce both test access difficulty and, more consequentially, increased safety issues related to Electrical Over Stress (EOS).

    The session will discuss how the J-Safe system, incorporated on all J-Testr peripheral cards, and other Eiger Design safety mechanisms can offer greater protection to potentially high value PCBAs from initial power up to full scale production test.

    12 August 2016
    J-Testr now supports popular FEASA LED Analysers
    The universal J-Testr platform now supports the versatile FEASA LED Analysers via a simple & easy to use 4 wire UART connection (5V, GND, TX and RX).

    Fully comprehensive driver support for the ATEASY and ATEASY Lite test development platforms is available now, with other drivers in development including direct JTAG controlled access.

    The straight forward yet powerful context sensitive commands of the ATEASY software drivers allow the user to get ‘up and running’ and be testing LEDs within minutes.
    Up to 4 standard ‘off the shelf’ FEASA analysers can be added per J-Testr peripheral card so the user can easily scale their LED testing needs from 1 LED up to as many as 400+ LEDs 
    For more information, please contact your J-Testr distributor.