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    El Camino Technologies Pvt Ltd

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    El Camino Technologies has focused on the Indian market for more than three
    decades. Through this article, we would like to highlight the different stages of
    Semiconductor device manufacturing and solutions we offer for production, R&D,
    and prototype development as an introduction to the company.

    Front End- Wafer Fabrication Solution

    Wafer Fabrication:

    The Czochralski technique, named after Polish scientist Jan Czochralski, is used to
    develop silicon wafers into cylindrical ingots of various diameters. These ingots are
    then sliced into wafers and polished to achieve a smooth even surface, which are
    ready for fabrication.

    El Camino Technologies provides manufacturing solutions for the numerous
    processing steps involved in wafer fabrication, which include deposition, removal,
    patterning, and electrical property modification. The company offers front end
    equipment for different processes, such as wet process tools, Diffusion, Doping,
    PECVD, LPCVD, Photolithography, Plasma, Annealing, coating, etching, developing,
    thin film metallisation, Metal Lift-off, baking station, and resist coat and bake
    systems, among others, with our partners who are world-class leaders in High end

    Back End- Assembly and Testing

    Assembly and Packaging involves mounting the die, connecting the die pads to the
    pins on the package, and sealing the die. Wires are used then to link the pads to the
    pins, completing the connection. These wires are gold or aluminium.
    El Camino Technologies also offers complete turnkey line solution for assembly and
    testing, Island of automation or individual equipment. We provide both automated,
    semi-automatic, and manual microelectronic assembly equipment, with a focus on
    precision die attach, wire bonding, and batch and auto reflow vacuum systems, in
    collaboration with our international partners from the United States, Europe, and
    SGP. Wafer dicing, dispensing, bonding, encapsulation, Trim & form, Singulation,
    and the integration of whole line systems.
    Not only does the firm provide and identifies equipment, but it also offers process
    assistance, material guidance, process for discrete and modules (IGBTs, Diodes,
    Power MOSFETs), sophisticated packaging solutions for various applications –
    Power modules, Micro bolometers, GaN RF power amplifiers, and IR sensors,
    automotive, lasers, LEDs, military/high reliability/MEMS, power semiconductors,
    RF/microwave/wireless, sensors and telecom/5G/Datacom.
    The company also undertakes the project management-Support for Assembly
    services, Package Design, and prototype development to manufacturing solutions.
    With process/application, expertise and a deep understanding of production needs
    we can help in setting up a customized turnkey line.

    Characterization equipment

    The Metrology or Characterisation is intrinsic part of wafer processing required
    between the various processing steps. These wafer test equipment are used to
    verify the processing steps up until testing.
    El Camino Technologies offers several standard testing solutions for both front and
    back end such as sheet resistance both contact and non-contact, hall mobility, thin
    film measurement- bow, warp, stress thickness, probe stations, die shear and wire
    pull testers, sorters, transfer systems apart from electrical testing of finished device
    in tape and reel system.

    FA and RA solutions.
    We also provide tools for failure analysis and reliability such as – Mechanical, laser
    and chemical decap, scanning acoustic, PIND, vibration and BEND testing etc. Help
    in establishing required quality management system and documentations &
    certifications for the plant.
    With our honourable Prime Minister’s recent remarks, we look forward to supporting
    his MAKE IN INDIA goal by offering solutions for the production, packaging, and
    testing of semiconductor devices in India for a variety of applications.