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    Electric Print & Apply with Phoenix Labeling is possible!

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    Phoenix Labeling presents the electric range of Print & Apply AE4050.

    Our electric range of Print & Apply AE4050 can combine different applicators and accessories to create
    endless labeling configurations:

    • Electric Linear applicator: it represents the optimal solution for labeling products with variable heights,
      moving on a conveyor belt. The electrical movements of the applicator allow faster and more accurate
      applications, and an unmatched flexibility to manage the variable height labeling process.
    • Electric Swing Arm: the programmable rotative arm is powered by an electric motor capable to bring the
      plate to any desired angle between 0 ° – 180 °. It can also apply two labels on two adjacent sides of the same
      product – in real time – and it is typically used for applications on the front/rear sides of the product.
    • Full-electric Belt: this Wipe-On full-electric applicators allows top/lateral labeling applications on fast moving
      products. Thanks to a set of timing belts, the label is transported to the product with precision at a very fast

    The modularity concept of all Phoenix machines allows the replacement of completely different applicators
    modules in less than 10 minutes. In this way the adaptability of our machines for the future developments of
    the packaging line will be always guaranteed.
    One of the main advantages of this range of electric Print & Apply is the significantly reduced use of
    compressed air. This is an advantage for two different reasons:

    • By reducing the costs related to compressed air by 80%, the Total Cost of Ownership of the machine will be
      drastically decreased, thus allowing any customer to have a very quick return from the investment.
    • By eliminating the use of compressed air for the movement of the applicators, maintenance activities will be
      less frequent and more cost-effective.


    AE4050 range of electric Print & Apply is equipped with powerful electronics able to guarantee a complete
    and precise control of any applicator parameter (stroke length, extension/retraction speed, …). Electrical
    movements are synonymous of extreme accuracy and control, as well as safety for the operators.

    For more information, visit our website www.phoenixlabeling.com and contact us for a free consultation!

    Phoenix Labeling is a family-owned company specialized in the manufacturing of automatic labeling
    equipment. Our team consists of a perfect mix between experience and innovation, created with both senior
    professional experts and young enthusiastic people.
    We design and develop flexible, easy-to-use labeling systems. Thanks to the modularity of our machines,
    Phoenix’s partners are always able to propose the best end-of-line labeling solutions to their customers.