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    ESCATEC appoints Chief Sales Officer to grow market share


    Electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider, ESCATEC, has appointed a Chief Sales Officer (CSO), with the Penang-headquartered Group seeking to rapidly expand market share globally. The new role will oversee ESCATEC’s international Business Development team and strategic development initiatives, with the key mandate of growing the Group’s customer base in emerging market segments.

    Its Board of Directors (BoD) announced today that Charles-Alexandre Albin, currently the Group’s Director of Strategic Development (DSD) and member of the BoD, will take on the role of CSO. Charles has been instrumental in rapidly expanding ESCATEC’s production footprint and capabilities in recent years, and as CSO, he will have the added responsibility of securing new business for the Group’s various business units.

    ESCATEC is active across a range of market segments with a customer base largely comprising of major OEM brands from Europe and North America. It currently has multiple production facilities in Malaysia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, and Bulgaria, as well as a Design & Development (D&D) Centre in Switzerland and strategic partnerships in Croatia and the United States.

    In recent years, ESCATEC has made significant investments to acquire the latest technologies and capabilities. Its key strengths today include a strong financial base with zero external debt, a portfolio of long-term customers, and an in-house capability to offer integrated product lifecycle solutions from design & development to mass manufacturing to post-sales services, ranging across MOEMS, electronics, box build, electro-mechanical, and plastic moulding services.  

    Moving forward, ESCATEC is seeking to expand its presence and relevance to several emerging technologies, with a special focus on disruptive Industrial, Medical, and Transportation market segments.

    “ESCATEC has all the tools and resources in place to help disruptive OEMs scale their business – from ideation and product design through to mass production. As CSO I will be maximising the synergy between our Business Development team, our capabilities and expertise, and our plans to build a truly global production network. I am truly honoured to have been entrusted with this vision,” said Charles.

    Charles has a BSc in Engineering and Business Studies from the University of Warwick and previously served as an Investment Banking Associate at J.P. Morgan in London. He was appointed a member of ESCATEC’s BoD in April 2016 and subsequently took on the fulltime role of Director of Strategic Development in October 2020. Charles will continue to report to CEO Ernest Sebak in his new role as CSO.