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    ESCATEC deploys smart material handling robots in latest automation project


    Malaysia Electronics manufacturing services provider, ESCATEC, is using material handling robots on the production floor of its Malaysian factories in the latest example of the Group’s ongoing commitment to optimise operational efficiency by integrating the latest automation and technology.

    PUDU Robotics material handling robots have been deployed at ESCATEC’s Malaysian plants in Penang and Johor Bahru. They are equipped with advanced features such as 3D omnidirectional obstacle avoidance sensors, all new LIDAR sensors, visual camera positioning, independent navigation, and all new independent suspension.

    Following extensive in-house trials, ESCATEC has deployed the robots to pick and deliver wave/selective solder pallets and a variety of jigs, fixtures, and tools within the production environment. As the users gain experience, the robots’ job scope will expand to the transportation of finished goods and raw materials.  

    The material handling robots are already earning tangible benefits at both Malaysian sites, says ESCATEC CEO, Charles-Alexandre Albin.

    He notes that by optimising routes and layouts on the production floor, the robots reduce the time taken for deliveries to the assembly lines while requiring less manpower to be present, “which helps a lot given our high mix portfolio with lots of changeover”. The project’s ROI is a little more than a year and ESCATEC can roll out similar robots at its other production sites globally if necessary. 

    “This latest deployment of material handling robots showcases ESCATEC’s dedication to staying ahead of the curve in manufacturing innovation,” emphasised Albin.