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    FinScale’s Program to Accelerate Semiconductor Technology Breakthroughs


    FinescaleFinScale Incorporated, the semiconductor device and process innovation company, today announced the formation of its pre-competitive industrial and academic partner program aimed at accelerating development and adoption of its Vertical Super-Thin Body (VSTB) family of 3D, non-planar electron devices that offers unique technology scaling benefits for 75% of semiconductor market applications.

    “FinScale is now offering cost- and risk-shared, off-site access for semiconductor and equipment manufacturers to the qFinFET and other VSTB technologies, while preserving their opportunities to differentiate and add unique value to these breakthrough devices and processes in the future,”  said Jeffrey Wolf, president and CEO of FinScale. “Through partnerships with independent research fabrication facilities and academia, FinScale is promoting rapid development of a broad technology platform offering performance, scaling, power-efficiency, cost-reduction and unprecedented heterogeneous integration advantages for the semiconductor industry, including: HP to ULP logic, SRAM, DRAM, flash, BiCMOS, analog/mixed-signal, image sensors, and electrostatic discharge protection.”

    Projects within the program are being defined and staffed on a first-come, first-served basis, with scheduled kick-off in October, 2016