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    Foxconn suspends production at two factories in eastern city of Kunshan, putting Apple’s China supply chain on edge

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    • Apple’s prime supplier halted operations in its two plants located at Dianfa and Fuhong in Kunshan on April 20 after new Covid-19 cases were reported on site
    • That has put further strain on Apple’s supply chain in China, where a few other manufacturing partners stopped production because of coronavirus restrictions
    Foxconn Technology Group’s manufacturing operations in Kunshan have run under a “closed-loop” system, which confines employees within its four local campuses, since a citywide lockdown started in early April. Photo: Ann Cao

    Foxconn Technology Group, the world’s largest electronics contract manufacturer and Apple’s prime supplier, has halted production at two of its factories in the eastern city of Kunshan, putting further strain on the US technology giant’s supply chain in mainland China.

    Operations have been suspended since Wednesday last week after new Covid-19 cases were reported at the two plants, where employees are confined to dormitories inside those campuses, according to two workers at the affected factories, who declined to be named because they are not authorised to speak to media.

    Those two dormitories have been put under strict lockdown, according to a statement by local government authorities on Thursday.