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    FUJI announces increased productivity for NXT III


    fuj2Fuji announces increased productivity for the company’s Scalable Platform, NXT III. There are three solutions for improving the productivity even more with the latest NXT III related software.
    1. Productivity priority mode for H24 heads is now supported.
    The cycle time is improved by 8% by using Productivity priority mode versus standard mode. (Placing speed of 37,500 cph and placing accuracy of 38 um)
    This is effective for production such as when ultra small chips are not being placed or high density placements are not required.
    2. Wide range nozzles are now supported.
    By using wide range nozzles, the nozzle types on the placing head can be reduced, which leads to improved cycle times due to reduced part pickup – placing cycles.
    It is also possible to place large volume rectangular chip parts at high speed due to the newly designed nozzle shape.
    3. The optimizer has been advanced.
    You can expect improvements in cycle times of existing jobs just by optimizing them again with the new algorithm.