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    Gene Weiner – Weiner International Associates Executive/Innovator/Strategist/Author/IPC Hall of Fame: Member SMTA, PCEA, EIPC, PCBAA

    Gene Weiner


    India’s Directorate General of Trade Remedies (DGTR), part of the Commerce and Industry Ministry, said the Indian Printed Circuit Association (IPCA) has alleged material injury to the domestic PCB industry due to the dumping of PCBs from China and Hong Kong. It wants anti-dumping duties on such imports (more than $450 million during April-October 2022).

    Now that as a fabricator or assembler of printed circuits you have considered and initiated YOUR short-term actions for 2023, it’s time to look further down the road and to fish or cut bait! This is the time to consider how, or even if, you will participate in advanced electronics. If you make the decision to be an active fabricator of interconnect substrates in 2025 you must start to take action now. You will have to initiate investigation of the varying needs of your customers and prospects in order to choose which process in which you will invest. Though processes may seem similar to those of “conventional” PCB or HDI fabrication, the capital requirements for equipment (e.g., lithographic), the facility cleanliness requirements (e.g., class 10,000), and the skill sets of labor are higher (you will be competing with chip houses for the same group of engineers). Final tests will require AI, new software, new equipment and even the ability to predict performance based on boundary measurements. Partnering may be a necessity