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    Green Circuits’ Leads the EMS Industry with Commitment to Customers and Innovation


    A full-service Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) partner to leading OEMs, Green Circuits pro-trends and implementing state-of-the- art technologies, and performing with professionalism at all times.

    Green Circuits strives to be as efficient success – both its customers and its own. As a result, the company offers a range of assembly capabilities in the SMT area. It has five automated SMT placement

    vides high-quality design, prototyping and full-scale production services for all types of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and complex systems. As a leader in the industry, Green Circuits has more than 30 years of experience culminating in an extensive knowledge of PCB fabrication and assembly. Adam Szychowski, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, said, “We are built on a commitment to quality and a focus on speed and service in order to help our customers not only succeed but stay at the top of their fields.”

    The company is focused on building an innovative company fueled by extraordinary customer insight and service, and differentiated by accountability, ownership and commitment. As such, their foundation consists of a strong work ethic and a customer-focused philosophy, guided by the following core values: continuous commitment to customer success, working with a spirit of mutual respect and cooperation in all business transactions, delivering the highest-quality and most innovative services, maintaining industry leadership by anticipating future and effective as possible while continuously producing innovation and exceeding customer expectation. To do so, it adheres to the following key ideals:

    • Extensive knowledge, proven quality, consistent execution, full turnkey operations, and an established supply chain.
    • Quick turn quality PCB assemblies: Excellence in rapid process engineering and product assembly at both the board and system level.
    • Scalability: Flexible production capability and capacity to ramp from small prototype lots to full-scale production.
    • Complex engineering: Multi- disciplinary capabilities solving complex issues as they relate to people, processes and equipment.
    • Accelerating time to market: This is accomplished through responsive- ness and service. The company can provide quotes in as little as a few hours while providing 24/7 service and support.

    They understand that top-quality, updated equipment is necessary to lines, each configured with surface mount screen printers, solder paste inspection, a minimum of four placement robots and convection reflow ovens. It also offers numerous through-hole, wash, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI),

    • ray, flying probe testing, burn-in testing, and BGA rework systems to ensure that customers’ needs are met.

    Just as important is the scope and depth of its advanced electronics manufacturing services. These are designed to keep customer success rates high. Its PCB design and engineering services include PCB design/layout, rapid design for X (DFx) reviews for manufacturability (DFM), test (DFT) and cost (DFC) spanning the entire lifecycle. PCB fabrication systems are comprised of impedance calculations, stack-up reviews, materials selection for flex, rigid/flex, and rigid PCBs. PCB

    assembly services are reliable, repeatable precision services that maximize quality and reduce cost. Additionally, system/ box build systems provide end-to-end manufacturing, delivering a completely integrated, tested, and packaged product, and supply chain and logistics services provide smart sourcing techniques to identify specific souring options. Test and burn-in services identify and elim- inate defective parts early on to ensure product reliability. BGA rework services troubleshoot, diagnose, and rework a variety of issues to identify and isolate the root cause failure.

    In addition to technology, services and innovation, Green Circuits provides other significant benefits.

    The company’s objective is to provide solutions through all phases of product assembly. Prototyping can lead to production, which can result in end product box-build. Their goal is to support the transition between these stages and to offer the services required in doing so. Additionally, flexibility and timing are important. Szychowski said, “We understand there are deadlines to meet and schedules to follow. As such, we offer our services as quick as same day turnaround and as precise to meet daily, weekly, monthly, and annual time frames. Our expertise as well as our high-level equipment allows us to be flexible and to work with customers in meeting their goals.”

    As a leading circuit board production manufacturer, Green Circuits is trusted by companies large and small in an array of industries that rely on quick-turn services and high-quality PCBs. Industries include:

    • Aerospace and defense: The compa- ny’s complex PCBs are used in mili- tary technology trusted by militaries around the world.
    • Communications and network- ing: Its innovative and intricate PCBs aide in providing reliable communications.
      • Consumer electronics: Green Circuits’ quick turn is ideal for the constantly evolving needs and demands of the consumer tech marketplace.
    • Education and universities: Its PCBs support technology used to assist in all levels of education.
      • Engineering: The company designs and manufactures PCBs to support the technology used in more than 40 engineering fields.
      • Enterprise and cloud: Green Circuits designs and manufactures PCBs that are trusted by server manufacturers around the world.
      • Health tech: Its PCBs are essential for the healthcare technology trusted by doctors and nurses and depended on by patients.
      • IOT: The company provides PCBs for the emerging and rapidly changing Internet of Things (IOT) industry.
      • Renewable energy: They provide lead lead-free PCBs for products that promote green living.

    Applications within these industries include bionic knees, wildlife GPS track- ing systems, natural gas leak detection systems, radiation therapy systems, satel- lite assembly and more.

    With a quality policy of exceeding customer expectations while striving for excellence through dedication, empowerment and continuous improvement, Green Circuits is committed to providing quality services that consistently meet legal and statutory requirements and exceed customers’ expectations for performance, value, quality and schedule. Their Quality Management Process is based on its commitment to customer satisfaction, continuous improvement and the ongoing evaluation and improvement of its business processes at all levels within the company.

    Green Circuits strives to achieve continual improvement by certifying to the requirements of AS9100,

    ISO9001:2015, ITAR and ISO 13485; and by maintaining and continually improving the QMS effectiveness, through process control, supplier development and monitoring, effective communication, employee involvement and management commitment.

    “We work hard as a company to provide a culture of innovation that positively impacts technology, speed, and responsiveness,” Szychowski concluded. It’s about the people, the process, the equipment, and the services – making each of them stronger, more efficient and, ultimately, more successful.”

    For more information about Green Circuits, contact Adam Szychowski, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, at 1130 Ringwood Ct., San Jose, CA 95131; 877-865-9600; E-mail:

    [email protected]; Website: www.greencircuits.com.