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    Gujarat is ready to be semiconductor hub of country: CM Bhupendra Patel at Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2024


    The second day of the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit witnessed a significant announcement by Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel as he reaffirmed the state’s commitment to becoming a hub for the semiconductor industry, which was proposed in 2022.

    Launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2003, the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit has evolved into a flagship event and is now celebrating its 10th edition.

    Addressing the gathering, Chief Minister Patel emphasised the increasing role of technology in India, particularly in the semiconductor and electronic sectors.

    He highlighted the state’s proactive approach to embracing advanced technologies like AI, shaping the trajectory of everyday life.

    “In order to prepare for the future,” Chief Minister Patel stated, “Gujarat is proud to be the first state in India to announce plans for developing a semiconductor industry.”

    He underlined the state’s dedication to fostering the semiconductor sector, citing the swift allocation of land to Micron in Sanand as a testament to Gujarat’s commitment.

    Patel said, “We are committed to encouraging and promoting the semiconductor sector. Within a week, we allocated the land to Micron in Sanand and presented an example of this commitment. Under the leadership of the Prime Minister, Gujarat is ready to be the semiconductor hub of the country to make the semiconductor programme in India successful.”

    The Chief Minister expressed Gujarat’s ambition to position itself as a leading centre for semiconductors, echoing the state’s successful track record in various industries.

    Gujarat’s prowess in following effective policies was acknowledged during the summit, with a particular mention of Gujarat Pharma’s remarkable achievements in the petrochemical sector.

    The state’s embrace of the self-reliance campaign was credited for making previously unattainable goals a reality, transforming India from a net importer to an exporter of smartphones.

    As Gujarat continues to forge ahead in various industries, the announcement on semiconductor development underscores the state’s commitment to technological advancement and economic growth.

    The summit remains a platform for fostering partnerships and showcasing Gujarat’s strides towards becoming a leader in the ever-evolving landscape of global business.

    Source- The Economic Times