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    Highly-functional Material Week 2022: The Premier Event for High-Tech Materials and Related Machinery


    Highly-functional Material Week, the world’s leading business-to-business trade show
    for cutting-edge advanced materials and related machinery used in a variety of high-
    tech industries. The exhibition is held twice a year in Japan, in Tokyo and Osaka, and
    the next edition is 2022 Tokyo show, takes place in Makuhari Messe, Japan from
    December 7 – 9, 2022.

    Since Japan has lifted almost travel restrictions on Oct 11, 2022, the goal of Highly-
    functional Material Week TOKYO 2022 is to provide a forum in which specialists from
    across Japan, Asia, and the rest of the globe can negotiate and network over the future
    of the highly-functional material industry. It is anticipated that the upcoming
    exhibition in Tokyo in 2022 will take place on a larger scale and welcome the return of
    international business to the showground.

    Highly-functional Material Week TOKYO 2022 hosts seven different expos over the
    course of the show. These exclusive expos are 13th FILMTECH JAPAN TOKYO, 11th
    6th Adhesion & Bonding Expo TOKYO, 5th Paint & Coating JAPAN TOKYO, and 2nd
    Sustainable Material Expo TOKYO. It will also host two concurrent exhibitions: the
    32nd FINETECH JAPAN – World’s Leading Display Industry Show, and the Photonix
    2022 – 22nd International Laser & Photonics Expo.

    Highly-functional Material Week TOKYO 2022 anticipates attracting over 910
    exhibitors with 6,450 products, and 50,000 guests from Japan and around the world. It
    is an exhibition at which material users, engineers and manufacturers from a wide
    variety of industries, including the automotive, electrical, medical, and aerospace
    industries, can engage in productive negotiations with one another. Visitors can learn
    about the latest materials, interact directly with technicians and experts, find

    suppliers, obtain insights to improve the performance of products or technologies, and
    acquire knowledge of the cutting-edge such as the decarbonization of the
    manufacturing process, etc.

    Within the span of three days, there will be a significant increase in the availability of
    thousands of new business prospects for both visitors and exhibitors. At the 2022
    Tokyo show, sustainable materials, highly-functional film, injection molding machines,
    advanced metals, advanced ceramics, adhesives, joining equipment, painting materials,
    a painting robot, laser processing machines, and other innovations will be on display,
    ensuring a steady flow of business meetings throughout the show period.

    Concurrently, industry leaders from world-renowned companies will deliver speeches
    at the conference sessions. Among these leaders such as Sharp Display Technology
    Corp. Senior Manager Tomohiro Kimura, FUJIFILM Holdings Corp. Chairman,
    Representative Director and Board Chairman Kenji Sukeno, and TOYOTA MOTOR
    CORP. Project General Manager Wataru Murata.

    If you are interested in learning more about the high-tech industries, go to the Highly-
    functional Material Week TOKYO 2022 official website and register now for the e-ow
    for the e-invitation ticket. Also, if you want to showcase your innovative solutions and
    technologies at the event and lead the change in the industry, join the top companies in
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