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    How to Choose an Electronic Contract Manufacturer as partner?

    The factors to consider when selecting A PCB Assembly Supplier

    The 2018 has seen progressive strategic growth when it comes to outsourcing EMS. The EMS provider thus plays a key role in the manufacturing and assembly of your company’s technical units. So, in order to help you make sound strategic outsourcing decisions; we have compiled a list of some things you should consider.

    The Outsourcing Decision

    Ask yourself whether offshore assembling and manufacturing is right for your product? The new wave of EMS outsourcing to China, because of its budget sensitive options, has been making business owners, turn to companies like RayMing Technology , for all their PCB and EMS needs.

    List the Capabilities of your Ideal EMS Partner .

    Developing your selection criteria will help you narrow down your choices. Evaluate your core competencies, and analyze the areas where you think extra strength from an EMS provider is necessary to fortify your weak areas. Make sure that your list is carefully prioritized, and you have separated your ‘nice to have’ from ‘essential for success’. Synthesizing the criteria beforehand is going to save you a lot of time, which you can invest in other stages of selecting your outsourcing agent.

    Check References

    Most of the time, EMS providers do not release reference names in the initial phase of selection. This thing is understandable, as no one wants to receive 100 calls a week from potential customers of a firm they were doing business with. However, as soon as the dealings turn from casual information meetings to more serious and formal business considerations, most EMS dealers are comfortable in providing references.

    Ideally, you should look for four to five customer references that have dealt with the said EMS contractor for similar projects as yours. Ask for details such as technical competence, pricing trends, and track record to make a well-informed decision for your company.

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    Of course Selecting the appropriate Electronic contract assembly partner is a challenging prospect when faced with hundreds of options across the globe. Making the right decision is vital for achieving the most accurate representation of your prototype as well as cutting cost and saving money. Price, lead time, quality control, customization, and minimum order size are but a few of the factors to consider when searching for the PCB assembly shop most suited for your individual product.

    Minimum order

    Every PCB project is distinct and varies in size and scope. One client may require a single board for prototyping whereas another may need a few dozen; a small order for one company may be a large order for another. As a result, it’s important to find an assembler that can fulfill an order according to one’s specific need. For example, Advanced Assembly specializes in low volume, quick-turn orders – perfect for prototyping new products or smaller production runs whereas other assembly partners may concentrate on quantities over ten thousand pieces.

    Lead time/speed

    Depending on one’s deadlines, lead time can be an extremely critical deciding factor. Contact multiple assemblers to determine which is most capable of accommodating your order in the shortest amount of time. Also, pay attention to when the turn-time “clock” starts and stops. For most assembly shops, turn-time starts when all of the parts and boards are received. This is known as “Day 1.”


    Evaluate the assembler’s procurement division to determine which vendors provide the components used in the turn-key service. Make sure the company is sourcing parts from certified component suppliers and they are abiding by industry standards for overages and counterfeit material. Are these experts capable of creating an accurate bill-of-materials based on the design file, and, if so, how does the assembler ensure that the PCB is assembled with the exact materials listed on the BOM? It is also helpful to ask about their component substitution policy, in case a part you’ve selected may no longer be available.


    Review the assembler’s repertoire of equipment and familiarize yourself with the assembler’s capabilities to forecast the quality of the end result. The PCB assembler’s ability to deliver an order to exact specifications depends on the available assembly equipment  being used. For example, if the PCB design necessitates surface-mount components, then the ideal assembler will own pick-and-place machines, reflow ovens, 3D BGA inspectors, and rework equipment.

    Technical competency

    A quality assembler must possess the expertise needed to accept new projects as well as be able to troubleshoot them prior to commencement. The assembler should operate autonomously and require minimal input from the client once the assembly order is underway. Verify that they’ve been awarded a certification in quality such as the ISO 9001:2008 standard. The purpose of offloading this responsibility onto a contract assembler is, after all, to make your life easier.


    Labor costs differ based on the experience of the assembler as well as the type of service provided. Will you provide the assembler with all the necessary components or will you save valuable time by entrusting the assembler to procure the components? Some assemblers, such as RayMing Technology, offer both turnkey and consignment services.

    Turnkey assembly eliminates many hassles from the assembly process; customers need only submit their design files and a company such the assembly house will leverage its relationships with part and board vendors to procure the necessary components. By contrast, if you prefer a hands-on approach, consignment services permit you to mail in your PCB and components and then the project will be assembled for you.

    Following these guidelines will help you select an Electronic Contract Manufacturer as your partner. The more information you’ve researched, the easier it is to select the most suitable candidate for your specific project.

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