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    ICAPE Group expands in Malaysia


    One year after the creation of the group’s new sales office in Malaysia – managed by Mr. Jeffrey Wan – ICAPE Group says that it is well ahead of its objectives with a growth of 20%.

    ICAPE Group attributes its constant organic growth over the last two decades to its “philosophy of proximity”. Once a business unit is established, the sales team covers the borders countries. If demand is strong in a particular country, the group builds a sales office with a native expert, able to respond to the demand in the local language.

    Usually, after few years of development in the country, a new business unit is created with a full team and a dedicated structure. This is how ICAPE Group has established in 21 business units around the world. Over the last two years, new business units have been created in Poland, Sweden, Japan and the demand from Asian customers is growing.

    ICAPE Group says that it is now expanding in Asia, as the revenue from Malaysia is growing by 20% since last year, but also in Indonesia and Thailand, which are promising markets for the French-based company.