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    Impossible Objects Wins 5th Award for New Solder Pallets

    Impossible Objects Pallet Combined

    Impossible Objects is pleased to announce that it has been selected for a 2022 SMT China Vision Award in the category of Wave Solder for its Wave Solder Pallets. With the SMT China Vision Award, Impossible Objects has won a total of five awards for its solder pallets.

    Wave solder pallets and high temperature fixtures support the mass manufacturing process of printed circuit boards, resulting in tremendous cost benefits. They reduce setup time, improve solder flow, reduce bridging and solder skipping, eliminate labor intensive hand masking, reduce board warping and protect heat-sensitive components.

    Pallets and fixtures require machining and skilled labor to produce. This traditional production process can be slow and expensive. Impossible Objects’ revolutionary Composite Based Additive Manufacturing (CBAM) is breaking that paradigm.

    Impossible Objects 3D prints wave solder pallets and fixtures using carbon fiber reinforced with high temperature PEEK polymer. These materials provide excellent thermal and chemical resistance for the wave solder process. Impossible Objects customers report that its pallets withstand thousands of cycles without material degradation or warping.

    SMT China magazine launched the SMT China Vision Awards in 2007 to recognize both international and domestic providers of SMT equipment, materials, software and services that have made outstanding contributions to the rapid growth of China’s electronics manufacturing industry by their inventions and innovations.

    To learn more about Impossible Objects, visit www.impossible-objects.com .