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    Incap Corporation inaugurated its third factory in India

    Incap India

    Incap inaugurated the third modern manufacturing facility in its production unit in Tumkur, which serves global customers worldwide.

    Incap’s Tumkur factory specialises in manufacturing electronics and box-build products, having long experience particularly in power electronics. The machinery is suitable for common component technologies, and together with the great location and skilled personnel, Incap is able to provide high-quality manufacturing services to meet the most demanding customer needs.

    “Looking ahead, the EMS industry holds a promising future. Therefore, we maintain our dedication to investing actively in our operations and fostering their development. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our exceptional team in India whose collective efforts have played a crucial part in establishing our new factory,” stated Otto Pukk, President and CEO of Incap.

    During the inauguration, Incap India’s Managing Director Murthy Munipalli introduced the factory which has been designed to be sustainable and to provide a modern work environment. “Incap’s third factory in India has been carried out in line with sustainable building principles, paying special attention to efficient use of energy and water,” he explained and added that the total area of Incap India factory is now close to 26,500 square meters.

    Incap’s third factory in Tumkur provides a comfortable working area with sufficient lighting and air ventilation, optimised space utilisation and an easy emergency rescue route plan. Once installed, solar panels on the roof will provide renewable energy to the facility. In addition to environmentally friendly energy solutions, the factory also includes a new wastewater treatment facility. The new facility in the premises will help to purify the water and preserve scarce freshwater resources by using the treated wastewater for other purposes, such as flushing, gardening, and landscaping.