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    India Electronics Week & IOTshow.in Postponed.

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    Regret to inform you that we have decided to postpone our twin events: India Electronics Week and IOTshow.in. Instead of 8th to 10th June, they will now be held from 23rd to 25th November 2022, at the KTPO Complex, Bengaluru.

    We were forced to take this decision given the rising numbers of Covid cases in B’lore (and Karnataka), resulting in Government of Karnataka putting in “preventive measures” including maintenance of 6 feet distance, etc. The recent report by IIT Kanpur further influenced this decision as it claimed that Corona cases will be increase rapidly through June (for this region), and will peak near end of June 2022. This wave, as per the report, should fully subside by October 2022.

    Two options emerged: Ignore the guidelines and hope no one will notice the gaps, OR execute the event while adhering to a very complex operational nightmare. Plus, hope and pray that everyone will adhere to the guidelines, and none of us will get affected—our delegates, our speakers, our exhibitors, our vendors and our team. While hospitalisation and deaths are rare with the current strain, but post-Corona complexities and the possibility of Long Covid (10 to 30% get affected as per recent studies) sent shudders down our spines.

    Hence, we did not opt for either of the above 2 options. Instead, we decided to forget the commercials and postpone the event to November 2022, which should be a “safe period” as per the report.

    We are not sure if this was the right decision or not, but we took it, keeping the best interest of all, and our families…