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    India signs deal with Belgium-based IMEC for chip-making


    Belgium-based semiconductor research organisation Interuniversity MicroElectronics Centre (IMEC) has agreed to provide technical support to create a semiconductor ecosystem in India. The government has signed an agreement with IMEC, which will provide the technology to manufacture chips of 28 nanometres and above, for which the user has to pay a royalty.

    The MeitY official said IMEC will give technical aid to companies setting up semiconductor units in India. The official said, “The firm is also willing to support the development of talent and research abilities in the country.”

    Global semiconductor producers are developing technology to reduce the size of transistors. IMEC aims to reduce the transistor size to less than 1nm. However, the official said, “The demand for big and mid-sized process nodes will remain robust in the future. There will be a huge market for bigger process nodes and a significant market for mid-sized nodes.”

    The MeitY official said more than 65 percent of semiconductors are used in electric vehicles, power, and telecom equipment. These industries demand big and mid-sized nodes which are part of chips. Thus, the market is going to focus more on chips with nodes larger than 20-25 nanometres.

    Source-By VARINDIA