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    Indium Corporation Introduces New Ultra-Low Residue Flip-Chip Flux at ECTC

    NC-809 flip chip flux

    Indium Corporation® will introduce NC-809, a new halogen-free, ultra-low residue, flip-chip flux at the Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC), May 31-June 3, San Diego, Calif., U.S. Engineered with high-tack characteristics, NC-809 is designed to hold die or solder spheres in place without risk of die shift during the assembly process.

    NC-809 is designed to leave minimal residue after reflow, at the level of Indium Corporation’s proven ultra-low residue (ULR) fluxes such as NC-26S and NC-699. NC-809 exhibits superior wetting performance and is the first ULR flux qualified for ball grid array ball-attach applications for packages that are sensitive to traditional water cleaning processes. NC-809 also improves production yields by eliminating costly cleaning steps which can increase substrate warpage both after reflow and before the underfilling steps, creating the potential for die damage and cracked solder joints.

    NC-809 offers:

    • High tackiness to eliminate die tilting or shifting during reflow; greatly reducing electrical open failures
    • Consistent flux deposition and excellent wetting
    • Ultra-low residue; ideal for customers building tight-pitch flip-chip assemblies
    • Compatibility with a wide variety of underfills
    • Reduced warpage of package and lower thermal stress due to absence of cleaning step

    To learn more about this product and Indium Corporation’s suite of proven ultra-low residue fluxes, visit www.indium.com/products/fluxes/semiconductor-fluxes/ or visit Indium Corporation’s booth at the show.