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    Indium Corporation Senior Research Chemist to Present at CSTIC


    Indium Corporation senior research chemist Mary Ma is set to deliver a technical presentation titled Printable Copper Sintering Paste for High- Power Die-Attach Applications at CSTIC, taking place in Shanghai, June 26-27.

    Low-temperature copper (Cu) sintering paste, with high thermal and high electrical conductivity, is a promising material for die-attach applications in power electronics and third-generation semiconductor devices. Large size die-attach applications or IGBT modules require high efficiency printing transfer processes.

    “As demand for high-power devices such as EVs and consumer electronics grows, so does the need for solder solutions that can meet the efficiency and operating temperature demands,” said Ma. “This paper elaborates on the influence of printing processes to obtain flat Cu paste deposit and high volume and I am honored to have the opportunity to present its findings at CSTIC.”

    Ma is a senior research chemist in Research and Development at Indium Corporation. She joined Indium Corporation in 2010 and has more than ten years’ experience in the development of advanced materials which are applied in the semiconductor and electronics assembly industry. She has led the development of ultra-low-voiding solder paste and launched an advanced solder paste which was widely applied in the electronics assembly field. Ma is also responsible for product development for copper sintering materials which are used in advanced die-attach technology for semiconductors.