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    Indium Corporation to Showcase GalliTHERM™ Liquid Metal Technology and No Clean Semiconductor Flux at SEMICON Taiwan

    Indium Corporation® is proud to feature its cutting-edge soldering and thermal materials at SEMICON Taiwan, September 14-16, in Taipei, Taiwan.

    Indium Corporation’s technical expertise and innovative portfolio of proven products continue to make it a leading industry partner in material solutions for advanced packaging.

    Indium Corporation is excited to showcase products from its GalliTHERM™ portfolio of gallium-based liquid metal solutions. This innovative product line draws on the company’s more than 60 years of experience in manufacturing gallium-based liquid metals. Indium Corporation also offers significant global technical support to help customers ensure their liquid metal thermal solutions meets their application needs with low- and high-volume production available in the U.S. and Asia.

    Indium Corporation offers a number of innovative high-performance metal TIM solutions. With its portfolio of alloys that are liquid at or near room temperature, Indium Corporation’s liquid metal TIMs are designed to offer superior thermal conductivity for both TIM1 and TIM2 applications. Liquid metal TIMs offer:

    • High thermal conductivity, enhancing end-product longevity and reliability
    • Low interfacial resistance against most surfaces, ensuring they dissipate heat quickly
    • Extraordinary wetting ability to both metallic and non-metallic surfaces

    Liquid metal TIMs are available in a variety of alloys, including InGa and InGaSn.

    Indium Corporation’s m2TIMTM combines liquid metal with a solid metal preform to provide reliable thermal conductivity for heat dissipation without the need for a solderable surface. The presence of a solid solder preform absorbs and contains the liquid alloys while improving thermal conductivity.

    Available in InGa and InGaSn, this m2TIMTM hybrid approach provides extraordinary wetting ability to both metallic and non-metallic surfaces and low interfacial resistance. It also reduces the risk of pump-out of the liquid alloy. 

    As the industry leader in no-clean semiconductor flux, Indium Corporation will also feature the first no-clean, ball-attach flux on the market, NC-809. NC-809 is a dual-purpose flux, engineered with high-tack characteristics for flip-chip applications with strong wetting power for ball-attach applications. This material is designed to hold die or solder spheres in place without risk of die shift or solder sphere movement during the assembly process.

    NC-809 is designed to leave minimal residue after reflow, at the level of Indium Corporation’s proven ultra-low residue (ULR) flip-chip fluxes such as NC-26S and NC-699. NC-809 exhibits superior wetting performance and is the first ULR flux qualified for ball grid array ball-attach applications for packages that are sensitive to traditional water cleaning processes. NC-809 also improves production yields by eliminating costly cleaning steps which can increase substrate warpage both after reflow and before the underfilling steps, creating the potential for die damage and cracked solder joints.

    NC-809 offers:

    • High tackiness to eliminate die tilting or shifting during reflow; greatly reducing electrical open failures
    • Consistent flux deposition and excellent wetting
    • Ultra-low residue; ideal for customers building tight-pitch flip-chip assemblies
    • Compatibility with a wide variety of underfills
    • Reduced warpage of package and lower thermal stress due to absence of cleaning step