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    Indium Corporation’s Jason Chou to Present at SEMICON Taiwan


    Indium Corporation senior area technical manager, Jason Chou, will present on low-temperature
    solders at SEMICON Taiwan’s TechXPOT on Thursday, Sept. 15, in Taipei, Taiwan.

    In Lead-Free Low-Temperature Solder Paste for Drop Shock Critical Applications, Chou will focus on Durafuse™ LT, a patented low-temperature alloy system designed to provide high-reliability in low-temperature applications that require a reflow temperature below 210°C. The innovative material provides improved drop shock resilience, outclassing bismuth-tin (BiSn) or bismuth-tin-silver (BiSnAg) alloys, and performing better than SAC305 with optimum process setup. Durafuse™ LT is the only existing solution that ensures reliability with low-temperature requirements and is ideal for customers seeking low- temperature solder paste to address warpage issues, step soldering, and reduced energy consumption.

    His Chinese-language presentation is scheduled for 10:10 a.m.–10:40 a.m. local time at booth I2026, in the Innovative Technology and Product category.

    As senior area technical manager in Taiwan, Chou provides technical support to customers with
    a focus on the semiconductor industry. He has 10 years of industry experience, including
    specialization in front-end wafer fabrication processes, thin-film modules, and defect analysis for wafer
    metrology. Chou earned a master’s degree in Chemistry from National Tsing Hua University and a
    bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from National Cheng Kung University. He served as the group leader
    for the National Nano Device Laboratory, Tainan, Taiwan, where he collaborated with university
    professors and industry professionals on special projects for semiconductor manufacturing.