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    Indium Corporation’s Wisdom Qu to Present at SMTA China South Technical Conference


    Indium Corporation Regional Product Manager Wisdom Qu will present at the SMTA China South Technical Conference, held in conjunction with NEPCON Asia, on October 11 in Shenzhen, China.

    Qu will present on the challenges of large BGA warpage and the use of low-temperature soldering processes to solve those challenges. With the rapid growth of 5G computing and AI, the high integration design of CPU/GPU BGAs poses typical challenges for the electronics assembly industry. Large BGA and PCB HDI design and mismatched coefficients of thermal expansion have become more severe. These challenges can result in excessive warpage of BGAs during the manufacturing process, resulting in a number of solder defects.

    “To reduce thermal deformation in BGAs and PCBs, the industry is exploring the use of low- temperature soldering processes,” said Qu. “Bi/Sn-based low-temperature solder alloys, with their lower melting points, can decrease thermal stress during the soldering process, thereby reducing thermal deformation.”

    As Regional Product Manager for PCB Assembly Solder Paste in Asia, Qu facilitates business development and growth of PCB assembly product offerings, focusing on solder paste. A certified SMT process engineer, she has more than 17 years of experience in surface mount technology and earned a degree in mathematics from Hubei Radio and Television University in China.