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    Industrial Cybersecurity Solutions | Highly Growing and Dynamic Area of Concern



    Today, cyber-attacks are more sophisticated and targeted, resulting in financial and reputation loss. It has become easy for hackers to monetize their attacks using zero-day malware. Traditional cyber security solutions such as intrusion detection solutions and firewalls are unable to provide adequate protection for industrial control systems.

    Industrial cyber security solutions are designed to protect industrial environments from cyber threats at all stages. Industrial cyber security is a highly growing and dynamic area of concern. It includes industrial control systems, the software and hardware solutions, and network security.

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    IoT in industrial control systems; rising number of cyber-crime related incidents in different end use industries such as energy and power, aerospace and defense, oil and gas, and automotive sector; and rise in internet penetration across the world has led to the expansion of the industrial cyber security market.

    Utility and Manufacturing Industries Increase Use of Industrial Control Systems

    Demand for industrial cybersecurity solutions and services is envisaged to rise on the back of increase in application of network components and industrial control systems in the utility and manufacturing industries. Organizations could raise demand for industrial cybersecurity systems because of their ability to protect from different kinds of cyberattacks.