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    Inspection Services Labs in San Jose and Ohio Now Fully Equipped with Non-Destructive Testing Technology


    Comet’s Lab One in California, and Yxlon in Ohio now give customers direct access to testing and inspection services based on radioscopic, CT and X-ray and electron beam technology

    Yxlon has completed installation of its latest technology systems in the company’s two Inspection Services facilities in North America open for customer trials and outsourced inspection contracting.

    “Yxlon offers NDT inspection and metrology services using the most advanced radioscopic and CT technology available today delivered by our world-class experts”

    Comet’s Lab One facility in San Jose, California, and Yxlon’s Non-Destructive Testing facility in Hudson, Ohio, now offer customers the ability to send samples for Non-Destructive Test (NDT) contract services, as well as provide an opportunity to conduct trials and evaluations on a wide variety of systems from Comet’s Plasma Controls Technology, Yxlon and ebeam business units.

    Each location is designed to bring customer engineers closer to metrology and measurement testing and NDT innovation practices, using the most current offerings available in three core technologies: RF Power, X-ray/CT, and electron beam materials testing. At these labs, system evaluation and inspection services enable R & D and quality engineers to accelerate development time spent in prototyping, process improvement, and analysis of critical industrial components. Onsite process knowledge experts from Comet and Yxlon are on hand at each facility to assist customers and share best practices used by others in their industries.

    “Providing outsource testing in these two facilities will offer access to important inspection technology to our customers,” emphasizes Joandre Galarza, Yxlon Director of Sales, North America. “Companies are under tremendous pressure to shorten their times to market, to incorporate advance materials in their products, and optimize yields. All of that requires the very latest inspection technologies to uncover metal fatigue, material defects and other opportunities to improve the quality of their products and processes. Our two facilities put the key inspection tools directly in their hands to move their work forward at an accelerated rate, at less cost to them.”

    Yxlon’s NDT capabilities help customers optimize production yields, plus produce safer, more reliable products. Industry customers include aerospace, automotive, electronics, foundries, additive manufacturers, medical companies, museums, universities and more.

    “Yxlon offers NDT inspection and metrology services using the most advanced radioscopic and CT technology available today delivered by our world-class experts,” adds Ken Burden, Comet Technologies Senior Director of Service, North America. “No matter what the application or company size, we have an offering that can fit our customers’ specific needs. In fact, we even have a modular concept offering three levels of service. In addition to 2D and 3D scanning, we can offer detailed analysis, reporting, consulting, feasibility studies and reverse engineering. We also offer training for our customers’ inspectors and support them with project planning from R&D prototyping to production.”

    Investments at Lab One in San Jose and in Yxlon’s Ohio NDT facilities are ongoing, with the company committing to future investments as new systems and tools become available. The new systems just installed in this most recent round of investments provide access to a wide array of inspection core technologies:

    Radio frequency (RF) power technology enables the control of plasma processes – and the manufacturing of the touch screens and memory chips used in everything from sensors, personal computers, smartphones and tablets to large server farms. Top companies in the electronics sector and chip manufacturers rely on the advanced technology at the Lab One facility.

    X-ray technology: Industrial X-ray and computed tomography systems from Yxlon include the new FF35 CT with dual X-ray tube configuration and the compact Comet X-ray. These resources empower customers from a wide array of industries to improve their products and processes through non-destructive testing, metrology and decision support.

    ebeam: Through ebeam technology, surfaces can be treated in ways that save resources. Within the EBLab, the fully shielded system allows experimentation in electronic beam processing.

    State-of-the-art equipment in each facility includes:

    Lab One Yxlon Hudson
    CT Compact with Flat Panel
    FF35 CT Metrology
    Cheetah EVO
    MU2000-D with CT (225kV)
    MU2000-D with CT (320kV)
    FF35 CT Metrology

    More information is available at http://www.comet-group.com/lab-one and https://www.yxlon.com, or email inquiries directly to [email protected].

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