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    Introducing New Release Features of ViTrox’s Industry 4.0 Solutions – V-ONE Manufacturing Intelligence with AIoT Cloud!


    ViTrox Technologies, aims to be the world’s most trusted technology company in providing Middle & Back-end Semiconductor Vision Solutions, PCBA SMT Vision Solutions, Electronics Communication Systems, and Industry 4.0 Solutions in Manufacturing Intelligence to worldwide customers.

    ViTrox is pleased to announce the latest version of its Manufacturing Intelligence Solution, V-ONE 4.0 to support the sustainability of today’s manufacturing environment. V-ONE 4.0 is rooted in FOUR core principles (CONNECT, VISUALIZE, PROACT, and DIGITAL TWIN). It is now equipped with more extensive and innovative capabilities within EIGHT innovation levels to meet worldwide customers’ needs. The EIGHT levels of innovation are data collection, data management & traceability, data analysis & visualization, asset management, process optimization, maintenance intelligence, imaging intelligence, and prescriptive insight. With EIGHT levels of innovation, ViTrox enables global customers to increase productivity and achieve desired manufacturing results.

    Now, V-ONE 4.0 is capable of enabling customers to supervise the manufacturing line: collecting reliable data from IoT sensors and edge devices, databases in fog servers, MES connections & Cloud databases for analysis, with a fully flexible visualization drill-down charts and flexible dashboard to furnish meaningful analytics to users in real-time basis and extend the platform towards complete data feeding for Artificial Intelligence processing.

    The EIGHT levels of innovation in the FOUR principles (CONNECT, VISUALIZE, PROACT, and
    DIGITAL TWIN) are:

    1. Data Collection: Reliable data are collected by connecting using any brand of IoT sensors
      with the machines
    2. Data Management & Traceability: AIoT Cloud for data storage and management
    3. Data Analysis & Visualization:
    4. Asset management: MU, OEE, and Energy usage monitoring.
    5. Process Optimization: Intelligent Control Tower and eTicketForm
    6. Maintenance Intelligence: Hardware module monitoring, vision calibration monitoring and anomaly detection using machine learning.
    7. Imaging Intelligence: Deep Learning Imaging analytics
    8. Prescriptive Insight: ONE View station

    V-ONE 4.0’s Intelligent Control Tower provides users with a real-time data analysis to monitor the
    machine performance of multiple production lines and take immediate actions to ensure efficient
    production and reduce false alarms. The system offers an in-house-built production impact
    calculation generated based on the combination of false call trend, production board run quantity,
    shift time, and model changes, to provide the best sorting for users to fine-tune the most critical
    issue among all machines. It helps users to track and monitor the results after fine-tuning.
    Ultimately, users can achieve the best Return on Investment (ROI) through the shortest lead time.

    Another example is the ONE View feature allows users to access all inspected results from the
    entire process by linking Advanced 3D Solder Paste Inspection (API/SPI), Advanced 3D Optical
    Inspection (AOI), Advanced 3D X-ray Inspection (AXI), and eventually Advanced Robotic Vision
    (ARV) data together. Users can monitor machine performance easily and perform process
    analysis of defective components by cross-referencing results side-by-side on a real-time basis.
    Thus, users can identify the root cause in the early stage of the inspection by cross-referencing
    process data and images through the ONE View feature, which will significantly boost production
    yield. Thus, these unique capabilities have brought superior closed-loop ONE View image
    traceability and quality assurance to our customers across all inspection machines in the SMT

    The overall concept of the ONE View feature generates exceptionally good images in real-time in multiple previous processes of the machines.

    In the nutshell, V-ONE would help users to have analytics view, and process insight with Artificial
    Intelligence models built and simulated applications on digital twin in smart manufacturing.