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    Introducing Octomyze

    electronic component

    We’re pleased to introduce Octomyze, a new demand generation solution for the electronic component industry. Octomyze’s goal is to drive demand for the component industry through an unprecedented connection with engineers throughout the entire design process.

    Octomyze encompasses Octopart’s wide-reaching audience of engineers, maker-pros, and component purchasers, as well as extensive audiences through its network of engineering and design resources. The Octomyze network includes Altium Designer, the leading PCB design tool worldwide; CircuitMaker, the free, easy to use PCB design tool for the open source hardware community; Upverter, the collaborative, web-based CAD tool provider; Arena Solutions, one of the original cloud PLM providers; and Octopart’s Stock Look-Up Program, which provides component manufacturers with supply chain search capability. Driven by the Octopart sales team that you may already be familiar with, we’re eager to share new solutions that span all of these audiences.

    This is a natural step forward for us. By clearly delineating our audiences and the ways for the component industry to connect with them, we’re facilitating the delivery of timely and relevant technical and supply chain information to engineers, purchasers, makers, and everyone in between. Octomyze is going to radically improve the way component manufacturers and distributors connect with design engineers and makers. Manufacturers and distributors will have access to a motivated just-in-time audience, and electronics designers will find exactly what they need, right when and where they need it. Get started with Octomyze now by emailing [email protected].