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    IPC CFX QPL Listed ICT sets a precedent


    The latest High-Throughput ICT TR8100 Series from Test Research, Inc. (TRI), the leading test and
    inspection systems provider for the electronics manufacturing industry, has been listed in the IPC CFX QPL. The TR8100 Series sets a precedent as the 1st high-pin-count ICT machine to be listed in the IPC-CFX QPL and marks the 14th Test and Inspection Series from TRI to be IPC-CFX QPL Listed. The TR8100 Series is the latest ICT with High Throughput and High Accuracy for large and complex PCBAs and low voltage testing markets. The TR8100 Series’ vacuum fixture system ensures full pin contact. With up to 11,088 pins digital MUX-free architecture, the system allows for faster and simpler testing of large pin-count devices and fast program development. The ICT has built-in self-diagnostics to ensure long-term testing reliability.

    For more information about the TR8100 Series, please visit the link below, https://www.tri.com.tw/en/product/product_detail-14-2-1649-1.html

    Realize your production line’s potential with TRI’s PCBA Test and Inspection solutions and Industry 4.0 data-driven management system, YMS 4.0. TRI’s systems interoperate with other manufacturing equipment to minimize downtime, optimize production quality, and reduce operator workload.