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    IPC, the Global not for profit Association, is celebrating 10 years of successful journey in India region.


    Since 2010, IPC India Regional Office is helping OEMs, EMS, PCB manufacturers,
    cable/wiring harness manufacturers and electronics industry suppliers Build Electronics
    Better through skill training & certifications. India office has certified more than 11,000
    professionals from the electronics manufacturing industry in the region.

    Electronics manufacturing has been growing quite significantly in India and IPC has
    supported the Government and industry mission by providing resources, helping electronics
    manufacturers create better quality products and enhance job skills.

    As part of the 10 years celebration, IPC India office has started series of activities like
    member networking events and skill challenge competitions throughout India from January
    2022 which will culminate with the inaugural Integrated Electronics Manufacturing &
    Interconnections (IEMI) event scheduled in New Delhi on August 2 and Bengaluru on
    August 4, 2022.

    IEMI New Delhi event on August 2 will be dedicated to “India’s Transformation into
    Emerging Tech, Industry 4.0 & Mobile Manufacturing Hub” and IEMI Bangalore event on
    August 4 will be focussed on “India – Emerging Aerospace Electronics Hub”.

    Government of India, IPC Members and several Indian & International Associations are
    supporting the event in India. IPC is expecting 800+ delegates from India & international
    visiting the 2 cities.

    The global electronics industry event allows designers, manufacturers, traders, suppliers,
    service providers and technical experts to connect – communicate – collaborate – create &
    develop relations. IEMI 2022 will help forge new business partnerships and companies will
    find this forum to expand business horizon and forge new strategic partnerships.

    Event website: https://www.ipcindia.org.in/iemi-website/
    Program Schedule: https://www.ipcindia.org.in/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/Delhi-Blore-