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    ITEC emerges as independent semiconductor equipment manufacturer


    Semiconductor equipment manufacturer ITEC, which was founded in 1991 by Philips (now Nexperia), has announced its launch as a separate independent entity. ITEC will however remain part of the Nexperia group.

    The move will allow ITEC to address the third-party market in time to serve the current semiconductor boom.

    “ITEC is rooted in semiconductor manufacturing, combining over 30 years of state-of-the-art equipment and automation expertise as partner to Philips, NXP and Nexperia. With an installed base of more than 2500 of the industry’s most advanced tools, ITEC is committed to embed the latest technologies and process expertise into tailored solutions that redefine manufacturing. We enable our customers to excel in quality, productivity, and sustainability with the lowest total cost of ownership,” says Comments General Manager, Marcel Vugts in a press release.

    Vugts continues: “During ITEC’s history, annual production of discrete semiconductors on our equipment has grown from 4.5 billion in 1991 to over 90 billion products in 2020 – that represents ten devices for every citizen on the world, each year. With the current worldwide shortage in semiconductors and lead times lengthening, ITEC – now as an independent company – is ideally positioned to support the exponentially growing industry, redefining the world of manufacturing.”

    Source: evertiq.com