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    ITW EAE Wins Best Paper of TC1 Technology Conference Presented at Nepcon China 2023


    ITW EAE was selected as the winner of the best paper of TC1 Technology Conference by SMTA China East. The paper, “Selective Soldering with High-Performance Lead-Free Solders” was presented at Nepcon China 2023 by Khoh Kar Heong, ITW EAE Sales Engineering Manager.

    The paper investigates three commercially available high-performance lead-free solders designed for circuit assemblies that are located under the hood of automobiles or other harsh environments. These solders were compared to the standard lead-free alloy, Sn3.0Ag0.5Cu, for four different through-hole assemblies.
    The paper concludes that the major parameters in selective soldering that contribute to good hole filling are all related to wetting. Once the solder temperature and drag speed are optimized, all other factors: flux type, nozzle type, and solder alloy are less critical for hole filling. Solder composition is an issue in selective soldering. This experiment concluded that the Ni and Cu content can be a critical factor for formation of (Cu, Ni) 6 Sn 5 and or Cu 6 Sn 5 needles.

    The paper is available to view on the ITW EAE website.