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    JCET completes acquisition of ADI’s Singapore test facility


    JCET was one of the first providers of packaging and test manufacturing services in Singapore, and the acquisition of ADI’s Singapore test facility will further enhance its market competitiveness.

    “ADI and JCET’s subsidiary STATS ChipPAC have been working very closely together in Singapore for over more than 20 years,” says Mr. Lid Jian Chiou, Managing Director of JCET’s Singapore subsidiary in a press release. “With the success of this acquisition, it once again endorses our Best-in-Class Test Manufacturing and Engineering capacities at JCET and also shows the high level of confidence and trust ADI places in our partnership. We will continue to leverage on this strong partnership, to further expand our semiconductor footprint in Singapore.”

    The relationship between the two parties continues to grow and as a result of this acquisition, JCET’s test business in Singapore can continue to expand, and its global business strategy can continue to move forward at a smooth and steady pace. Details of the sale have not been disclosed.

    Steve Lattari, Senior Vice President, Global Operations & Technology at ADI added, “This is another important milestone in the relationship between ADI and JCET. The factory sale and consignment of test assets demonstrates our mutual commitment to continuity of supply, supporting both our employees and customers”.

    “We are pleased to see that JCET’s subsidiary operation, STATS ChipPAC Singapore, is now fully prepared to receive the factory facility together with an excellent engineering and operational team from ADI in Singapore. We are very appreciative of the great collaboration between our two companies, and we are confident that launching this new project will further enhance our now two decade long partnership with ADI, and will also provide additional high quality test capacity for the global semiconductors industry,” says Mr. Li Zheng, CEO of JCET.